Potato Pancakes Recipe

Potato Pancakes (Lenten Recipe)

Let cool and continue with the recipe. If you don’t have potatoes at the moment, I remind you that you can also prepare the recipe with instant mashed potatoes.

The pancakes can accompany any main course or can be served under fried eggs. SHARE THIS RECIPE! FacebookTwitterGoogle+. Other recipes that.

Cook and mash the potatoes until they are pureed. · Integrate spinach, egg, tuna, salt and pepper. Mix perfectly and form the pancakes.

How to make potato pancakes. This recipe is perfect to serve with a good salad. It is ideal for those days when we do not have much.

▷ Potato Pancakes (Lent Recipe)

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Potato Pancakes Recipe

After cooking the potatoes or potatoes carefully remove the skin, let cool beforehand to avoid burning yourself. Season the mashed potatoes with salt and pepper to taste. Add the egg and mix very well until incorporated into the mashed potatoes. Add to the mixture a little flour about 1 tbsp.

Form the potato pancakes taking a small portion of the puree and spread it with your hands with small taps until you form a potato croquette. Repeat the process until we have finished with all the mashed potatoes.

Try not to leave them very thin because they can fall apart if they are not thick enough. Fry pancakes in vegetable oil until golden brown about 2 minutes per side. Once all your potato pancakes are golden, transfer to a tray or plate or to a grid to reserve.

Cut the tomatoes in quarters, it is not necessary to cut them too much since we are going to blend them, it is just to help our blender a little. Place in the blender together with the onion quarter and the dried oregano. Blend until all ingredients are incorporated. Heat a saucepan with a little oil and lightly fry the sauce.

Serve the potato pancakes with the tomato sauce and sprinkle with a little fresh cheese. Kitchen recommendations to prepare the potato pancakes: These potato pancakes can be served with or without the sauce depending on your tastes, you can also change the sauce for a collection or for another type of creamy sauce or green sauce.

Add other types of vegetables to the puree, you can add a little chopped onion, peas, carrot etc. Potato Pancakes Ingredients for the Potato Pancakes Peel the potatoes or potatoes making sure to remove all the skin that the preparation may have. Add the cheese to the preparation and mix perfectly until all the ingredients are incorporated. Add the Egg to the mixture and incorporate little by little until it has a thick consistency.

Add flour to the mashed potatoes to prepare the pancakes, mix very well until incorporated Pass the pancakes in flour to fry later. Add the Tomato to the blender and blend perfectly Add the Oregano to the blender along with the tomatoes and onion, blend perfectly. Bathe the Pancakes with the tomato sauce and oregano that we prepare.