Pregnant Female Hamster

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In general, the gestation of hamsters lasts between 15 and 16 days, but this period can be prolonged depending on the type of hamster.

When a girl hamster comes home, she can come pregnant. In fact, female hamsters can become pregnant at the tender age of 35 days.

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If the female is with more hamsters inside the cage and starts fighting for no reason, this is also a very clear sign of pregnancy.

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Golden hamsters take 16 days to bring their young, the gestation time is exact, so you must calculate the day of birth.

How to know that a hamster is pregnant?

Therefore, it is advisable to keep males and females in separate cages or adopt rodents of the same sex. Females need a high-energy diet to cope with the physiological changes of pregnancy and allow the development of their future offspring. Therefore, they should always have water and food at their disposal. It is important to be attentive to whether these behaviors are repeated frequently, mainly in males.

Increased consumption of water or food can be a symptom of some disease or imbalance in your body. For example, we will see how it begins to build its nest with the materials available in the cage, such as wood, straw or branches. When the pups are born, it is not recommended to get too close to the cage or touch the female or her pups.

If the female interprets that the young are too weak to survive, she can even eat them. Therefore, we will wait about 20 days after delivery to interact with them and sanitize the cage. you might be interested