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How to prepare shakes with olive oil | Olivetto®

Making milkshakes can be very simple, however, to achieve the best there are some very useful tips.

This preparation is suitable for all foodies who love to combine flavors and innovate in the kitchen. We understand that the idea of ​​adding olive oil to your milkshake may sound strange to you. But the truth is that, just like in cocktails, olive oil is ideal for enhancing flavors. Of course, do not exaggerate, 2 tablespoons are enough to give flavor and avoid an oily texture.

Urgent24, Keep reading as we teach you how to prepare milkshakes with this star ingredient. This milkshake is an excellent option to accompany your favorite snacks and also for an afternoon of cravings. Making it is very simple, so take note Vitamix, s. Ingredients for 2 glasses: 80 milliliters of the milk of your choice from cow, almonds, oats, etc. Take the blender and pour in the milk, cocoa powder and ice cream.

Tip: serve this delicious milkshake in a glass and add a little whipped cream on top. Perfect drink for the heat On a hot day you can use the previous preparation as a base, only you must add grams of ice to the mixture. Detox shake with olive oil Detox drinks are very popular today, and an ingredient that complements them is extra virgin olive oil.

These shakes are usually taken on an empty stomach, but you can also use it to accompany your snacks Yo, Verde, s. Dare to try these preparations and tell us about your experience. Olive oil: the trending ingredient for detox smoothies.

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