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Makeup For Christmas 2022

So that every bride can get the perfect one, in today’s makeup, and on a bride it becomes even more beautiful.

And it is that no matter how beautiful a woman wears her eyes or lips made up, if the skin does not accompany, the end of the look.

If you are looking to simplify your makeup routine due to lack of time, making up your eyes can be the essential step that will change your look a %. Yes.

Prepare the paints and be inspired by this photo to make the most beautiful makeup for the children’s party you are going to go to or the carnival party.

Christmas makeup –

This is an intense and perfect makeup for parties that is based on applying the shadow without cuts, blurring it around the eye.

Caroline Girvan

How to take pictures of your makeup with your cell phone

Following this line, it seems that this year, and ahead of the Christmas holidays, many firms have opted to highlight an area of ​​the face and not overdo the makeup. Without forgetting that the haircut and hairstyle that we wear also influences, the face says a lot and both the makeup and the hair change seeing us beautiful.

Gold eyeshadows are also a winter trend and especially for Christmas, when most of us seek to shine in a special way. Eye Makeup for Christmas Eye shadows are soft for Christmas, although bright tones are also popular. The key to a makeup like the one you see above lies mainly in the fact that it seems that we are not wearing makeup. Something that I think is perfect for daytime makeup, even for Christmas, although I understand that some of you find it too scarce.

The shadows in gold are a "must" at Christmas and have returned with force for this winter. Tones such as red or maroon are very appropriate since they are colors that are going to be worn a lot in Christmas makeup and that we can apply with the “smokey eyes” effect that was already used a couple of years ago and whose tutorial we see next.

Another option, and it is a little outside the shadows, is that you bet on a makeup in which you use a very light or nude shadow, in order to give priority to the outlining of the eyes with the help of an «eyeliner». Look at the good use that has been made in the image above with the eyeliner. Red lips and those red and black nails are the perfect combination. The best eyeliner for Christmas Along with the eye makeup that we have proposed, we can also resort to focusing on eyeliner, although this is now a trend.

From adopting a full-fledged glitter eyeshadow to adding a touch of sparkle to the outer corners of your eyes, the options are endless when it comes to the holiday season, but in a way other than explained we can also do another type of glitter eyeliner. We are not talking about a simple straight line of glitter, but a golden line applied intrinsically on top of your eyeliner.

You can also use a bronzer if you don’t have a transition shade on hand. Increase the intensity of the color gradually until you are satisfied with it. Using an eyeliner brush, carefully line the tops of the lashes, flicking to the bottom to create a catlike flick.

Apply white eyeliner to the lower waterline to open up and brighten the eye, then finish with a few coats of jet black mascara. Place an illuminating shadow that can be a gold between the eyebrow and the concave part. Next, blur the edge of the shadow, leading to the concave part slightly and being careful not to mix with the brown shadow. The objective is that there are no boundaries between one shadow and another, but not, that they come together and mix.

Now you can highlight with the color you want on the gray or black eyeshadow. Lip Makeup for Christmas If you are looking for a color for your lips that is a trend for Christmas makeup, that is undoubtedly the color red. It seems that the “pin up” style is very popular when it comes to makeup for Christmas and with lipsticks from brands like MAC, you can achieve it.

Do not forget that this style also has very marked eyes with the black line and highlighting the eyelashes a lot. The neutral tones and that are on the other hand, very appropriate for the winter season. Christmas Makeup Tips After having explained trends and having seen ideas on how to put on makeup this Christmas, we can add some “tips” or advice that will allow you to get everything right in the celebration of December 25 as well as on New Year’s Eve.

If you don’t know how to draw them well we leave you this video in which you will see how to do it in a few minutes. Of course, do not go overboard with what you apply and above all combine it with nude or pink lips. To do this type of makeup, apply an eye primer and then a beige, almost skin-colored shade that can be matte or shimmery. Then choose an opaque brown eyeshadow and smudge it lightly in the concave part of the eye so that the makeup doesn’t look too soft.

In this case, if you don’t want too flashy makeup, choose to leave all the attention on your mouth. Therefore, apply a simple golden eyeshadow to the concave and outer corner of the eye. Complete with false eyelashes to enhance the look. As we recommend, to get the perfect smoky black, start by applying an eye primer or concealer and a creamy dark gray foundation. You can then apply your favorite black eyeshadow, which can be matte or shimmer just above the concave part of the eye.

Sparkly Makeup Christmas with its sparkly decorations can inspire you to make your makeup full of sparkle, enhancing any look and turning heads wherever you go. To do this, start by applying an eye primer and gold eyeshadow in your preferred shade. Blurring the outer corner with black and, if you wish, mark the concave part of the eye with a dark shadow, either gray or black. You can replace the gold with a silver tone or any color glitter you want by simply replacing the initial base.

Get into the Christmas spirit and spread beauty wherever you go.