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Beautiful And Original Girl Names

Levana: comes from Latin and means "white as the moon".

To help you, from we have made a very complete guide with beautiful names.

Light: means "the one that brings the light".

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lys means "lily".


Maxine: means "the biggest" in French.

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This name comes directly from the Latin word albus, which can be translated as "dawn". A very nice name with a lot of history, and it is known that it was already used in Ancient Rome. It can be reduced as "precious" and is a name that comes from the Latin Amaia.

Very popular name that comes from Basque and means "end". Name that comes from Hebrew and means "the one who never gives up". It is also another very popular name that you can bet on. It means "In love with God" and, in the same way that "Maria" also comes from the Hebrew. It has its root in Hebrew and is translated as Lady Valeria. It has its root in the Gala brass.

It comes from the term Gaul and its meaning is "ancestral". Word that comes from Latin and means success. Aitana Name associated with the Earth Celestial Celia Valentina Denotes a strong-willed woman. Beginning of April Naiara Name associated with Nature Lía nostalgia, sadness, ups and downs of emotions Emma associated with an unalterable way of being. Lucia Born at dawn Elena Girl’s name related to the presence of light in the name Biblical names for women The Bible can also help us get ideas to choose the right woman’s name for our daughter.

These are some of my options. Sarah was the wife of Abraham. As a curiosity, she conceives a child at the age of 90, and is one of the first women who were able to do so. Carrying the name of Mary is very important for a devotee. It is also a very important name because a book of the Bible is called that. This name is associated with "goodness". Naomi was Ruth’s mother-in-law. His role in the Bible is also important; It was the wife of Nabal, a man who did not treat her well at all.

The word «Abigail» translates as «Joy of the person who gave me life». Salomé is a name that can mean "the one without flaws". Throughout the Bible we have been able to see this name in several characters. She is considered responsible for allowing herself to be tempted by the serpent and the trigger for the man to be expelled from the Garden of Eden.

It means "wisdom". The name "Genesis" is also a very important Biblical name. It is the book that explains how Christianity began. Therefore, it can be translated as "Beginning of things". Their personality is temperate and reliable, they are kind people and they are successful with everything they set out to do. His personality is very sociable, creative and sensitive. They are people very committed to their dreams, athletes and very careful about their physical appearance.

They are very close to their loved ones. They love themselves very much and like to meditate to find balance. They are people with their own light, shy and reserved. Eva: has its origin as the first woman in history. Her personality is very feminine, she likes to dress up and feel very pretty.

He likes communication work and has many friends. You have a strong, energetic and independent personality, with a great inner nature. She is a sporty woman, she sacrifices herself for her friends and complies with her obligations. They are people who radiate confidence and plan their projects in great order.

His personality is very creative, authoritarian in his work, but somewhat selfish in love. Here you can also find biblical girl names. Other names of exotic and innovative girls If you need to consider other options, this other list of names for exotic girls may be of interest: Abigail.