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Natural colored slate stone patterned concrete wall at @europareportage.eul de Puente Piedra #bridgestone #concreteprint #naturalprint #.

This 30 cm floor was placed in the dining rooms of Sukha Buda Lounge. brown. Sukha Buddha Lounge with wood-patterned concrete floors.

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Steps to install and stamp concrete. · one. empty concrete slab. After compacting the land, the formwork is placed and the levels are moved. · 3.

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Stamped concrete floors are achieved with a treatment that gives the surface great resistance and with a final finish with a sealer that.

Steps to install and stamp concrete.

With its uncanny ability to closely duplicate, in both color and texture, popular flooring materials such as paver, brick, slate and flagstone, just to name a few. It exceeds its qualities in many ways, offering greater versatility, economy, long-term results and ease of installation. Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. It may be that the floor over time accumulates dirt and dirt that it retains due to the previous wear of the sealer.

For this reason the floor is pressure washed to remove any difficult stains such as oil or tire marks, and then we apply a reseal to revive its original beauty. Steps to install and stamp concrete.

empty concrete slab. After compacting the land, the formwork is placed and the levels are moved. Follow traditional procedures such as strength and thickness. Even the concrete surface with the help of a float or trowel so that it is smooth. It is not recommended to use accelerators for the setting of concrete, since it may not allow time to complete the stamped concrete procedure. Note: Some additives may affect color.

color hardener. Let the concrete sweat. Two coats are required to achieve uniform coloration, although some light colors may require up to a third coat. Using a steel trowel blend the color into the surface. release agent. Mold for stamped concrete. Wait until the concrete is ready to stamp, this is when you can climb without sinking but leaving a well-marked footprint.

The molds are always placed in a horizontal position trying to leave them as close as possible to avoid a double line in the finish. Wash stamped concrete. It is normal that after washing there is a release agent in the nozzles and deep parts of the mold, this helps us to give a double tone effect to the final color. For its application you can use a roller, brush or sprinkler. Ask for free advice.