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‘PS I Love You’ Might Have A Sequel And That’s All We Know So Far

Postscript, I love you (P.yes. I Love You). h 5 min X-Ray13+. The beautiful and intelligent Holly Kennedy is married to the love of her life, a funny and.

The producers of the romantic film Postscript: I Love You, by Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, and considered one of the romantic dramas of.

Gerard Butler joins the cast of ‘PS: I Love You’, along with Hilary Swank With a butler’s last name, we wouldn’t care if this.

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It shows that ‘Postscript: I love you’ wants to separate itself from the rest of the romantic comedies that are made today. Its greatest architect, the screenwriter.

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This is what we know (so far) of the possible second part of ‘P.S I Love You’ (PS, I love you), ready for more tears?

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