Pumice Stone Uses

Pumice Stone: Benefits Of Its Use

Exfoliate the feet.

Pumice stone is a volcanic stone used to care for the skin. The pumice piece is mainly used to exfoliate the feet and to be able to.

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removes body hair.

Smoothes rough skin.

Pumice stone: benefits of its use – Step To Health

Remove pilling from clothes.

skin benefits

Today we want to introduce you to a great ally to fight against them, the pumice stone. These cavities make it have a density even lower than that of water, it can float on it and a light weight that facilitates its transport. We can find it in a wide range of colors.

Its abrasive effect means that it is used as a window cleaner, an eraser, for wearing jeans, for treating furniture… although the utility we want to focus on is its use as an exfoliant on the skin. It is a very effective tool when it comes to removing dead skin, calluses and calluses from our feet, hands and elbows.

Steps and tips to use pumice stone Clean feet deeply. Before using the pumice stone, we must thoroughly wash the part of the body that we want to exfoliate. Submerge them for a few minutes in warm water, mixed with a neutral pH soap, and wait until the skin is smooth and soft.

Moisten the stone So that it slides smoothly over your skin, without getting stuck, it is convenient that the pumice stone is also wet. To do this, place it under the hot water tap or submerge it next to your feet. Rub gently Pass the stone through the areas you intend to exfoliate. Do it with circular and smooth movements, without pressing too much, until you notice that the hard skin falls off and a new skin appears.

Focus on the area of ​​​​the heels, on the toes and in the areas where dry skin tends to accumulate. Rinse the area and repeat if necessary. If you still see and feel that you have hardened areas on your skin, repeat the process again until you get a satisfactory result.

As the pumice stone wears out every time you use it, turn it over after each use for best results. And wash your surface frequently to keep it effective. Dry and moisturize your skin When you finish, dry the area well with a towel. Then apply an oil or moisturizer. Thus preventing the skin from drying out. It is advisable to use coconut oil, almond oil or a body moisturizer.

To achieve satisfactory results, repeat the process regularly. The result should be the achievement of smooth, soft and radiant skin. To maintain it, you need to do this treatment regularly and frequently, at least three times a week. Related Entries:.

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