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22 Photographs From The History Of Punk

Photos of the resistance, because punk will never die. punk photo 3 radiococa. Fragment by Marines Villacis/Photo: Alex Tamayo.


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"punk is just attitude. that’s what it does. The attitude".— Joey Ramón.

Punk Photos: David Garcerán and Counterphotography – BCBlog

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The modern world has given us several types of curious photographers: from the Photoshop addict to the freak who takes a photo of your own band playing and then tries to sell it to you, here there is not a single one who resists serious screening. For deserving, only veterans deserve respect, despite the fact that we often find that they have aged really badly. Among all this clutter and very occasionally you find someone who takes photos and surprises you.

Interestingly, they claim the amateur and the aesthetics of the poor against the prevailing asepsis. Tell us how you approached photography and what material and equipment you use. What everyone wore for the holidays, wow. Over time I realized that it was worth nothing if the sun was shining a little in a scene because everything would be burned or completely black, so I abandoned my experiments a bit.

Now I have a Canon A1 that I bought on tour because my Praktica broke. What is it about a group or a concert that makes you want to take pictures of it?. Murder of Power playing at Chaos a Gracia, Barcelona I really know very little about punk photographers.

What differences do you think there are between the people who took photos of Punk in the 70s, 80s, 80s and young people today?. Nor should it be the same type of people who went to concerts at that time as now. You have to be aware of it. It’s hard to beat those who were just good at other times. How do you think social networks and the culture of Like have affected the way of understanding photography in Punk?. Photographs in my opinion work because they create covers.

This concept has nothing to do with the overexploitation of audiovisual media that we live today. It is one thing to take an impressive photo, another thing is to take an impressive photo to gain likes. The second is usually despicable, sometimes just comical. We cannot forget that many bands that want to participate in this massive viralization. Hence my obsession with making publications in physical format and looking for my own media.

Exit Order playing in Barcelona I know you control a lot about people who take photos of concerts. this is complex. Anyone can take part in this project, regardless of technique, experience or equipment. We’ll see. The photography that is usually seen, professional and amateur, is usually very boring. It is always the same and on top of that it is expensive to acquire.

In fact most people use those prices to sell them. I don’t want to make money from making a fanzine or the photos. There are many young people taking photos from a different perspective. If I can help push them now that I have the opportunity, I’ll be happy to do so. I want to do some exhibitions and prepare a very small book but one that makes me quite excited.

It is the bible of punk in Barcelona, ​​few physical publications that are not albums I must take into account as much as that book. He has also played in some groups like Absurdo or Ultra.

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