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5 exercises at home or outside without damaging the knees. There are dozens of workouts for these muscles, but the best exercises for the quadriceps in.

Barbell hack squat – Exercises At Home barbell quadriceps exercises Exercises to train lower body with Landmine or anchored bar.

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Strengthen your muscles with exercises, quadriceps stretches. Train legs at home or gym. Avoid pain, injuries, overload.


It is located between the previous two, on the inner side of the femur and below the rectus femoris. As for the vastus intermedius, its connective fibers are inserted into the base of the patella. It also allows us to maintain balance and gives us stability in the patella so that it does not move out of position. We can squat with weights with dumbbells or bar or without weight, but the main thing is to master the technique.

Once we have internalized it, we will begin to try to include weight or we will dare with new variants of the exercise itself. To do a squat correctly we have to stand and spread our legs at a distance approximately the width of our shoulders. We will begin to lean our body forward, sticking out the butt, while we bend our knees and lower. In this way, we respect the natural curvature of our spine.

We continue lowering until the thigh is completely perpendicular to the leg. Then we go up slowly and repeat the movement again. We can help ourselves by stretching our arms forward to keep our balance when going down. It is very important that throughout the exercise we keep our ankles glued to the ground, otherwise we could injure ourselves.

Sumo squat we place the feet facing out to train the inner face. kick squat. As in the case of the squat, we can do lunges with weight or without weight, but the main thing is always to master the technique. To do a stride, we stand with our feet together. Start with about three sets of 10 reps.

We will probably find some small bars, a kind of handles to hold on to during the exercise. Therefore, it might be helpful to have a partner palpate the muscles while we focus fully on the exercise. On the other hand, it could also be interesting to change our movement pattern. It is a congestion due to hard work. Stretching exercises are very important to prevent future pain and injury.

For this reason, it is advisable to stand near a support point to hold on to in case of falling. Once in this position, we will hold the stretch for a few seconds. Finally we return to the initial position and repeat with the other leg. Hip extension The hip extension is performed on the ground, so we must lie face down and extend both legs.

The knees should be close to the ground. To do it, we will place ourselves in a stride position with one leg bent at 90 degrees and the other resting the knee on the ground. It can appear as a result of excessive training, due to not executing a good technique in our exercises, due to not complying with sufficient rest times or it could even appear due to poor nutrition.

Applying cold during the first days can help us control inflammation. In the following days, it is advisable to apply heat to the area of ​​the injury to promote the arrival of oxygenated blood and nutrients that help relax the muscles. Stretching performed very gently and progressively or self-massage in the overloaded area can also be useful to try to relieve pain as soon as possible.

Over time we will progress and increase those training loads.