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Essential Exercises For Quadriceps At Home

– squats. Squats are one of the exercises.

How to gain strength in the quadriceps 1. squat. It is a great exercise for your quadriceps and to define the glutes and legs. ยท two.

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– pistol squats.

24 Quadriceps Exercises 2. Isometric Squat (Wall Sit) 5. Strides or Lunges (Lunges) 7. Bulgarian Squat (Bulgarian Split).

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Stride. Perform 5 series of 8 to 12 repetitions. Unilateral work is great to work in hypertrophy ranges (ranges from 8 to

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goblet squat

Squats What to say about this exercise. In this exercise they can help you better control your posture, although they are totally optional. How to do squats: Spread your feet the same distance from your shoulders. Place your hands in front of you for greater stability. Lower your hips until they are in line with your knees. To increase the difficulty of squats: Hang a book bag on your back.

Combine a squat with a partial squat: Proceed to perform a squat, and when you reach the bottom, only go up halfway, to go back down and then go up to the starting position. In this way we give a plus of intensity to the exercise.

Goblet Squat The goblet squat consists of performing the same movement of a traditional squat while holding a heavy object with the hands relatively close to the chest. The exercise instructions are the same as above, and if you want to add intensity to the exercise, picking up something heavier is enough.

A heavy encyclopedia, a backpack with books inside can help you. On the other hand, some people complain that it causes discomfort in the knees, since this squat is done with the heels elevated and the back of the leg does not have as much ability to stabilize. If for whatever reason you see that it causes you discomfort, just don’t do it and focus on improving in the traditional squat.

How to do the sissy squat: The first phase can be done in two ways. If you see that you do not have much stability, do the sissy squat with your back against the wall. Tighten the abdomen and constantly monitor the position of the lower back. As in the squat, lower your hips to your knees. You don’t have to go down as much as the woman in the picture. Return to the starting position by generating force through the balls of your feet.

Do not get frustrated if you see that you do not have enough strength to do a single repetition. A good tip is to first practice with the traditional squats and then gradually incorporate the pistols. Extend your hands to gain body stability. Get up to the starting position. do it again with the other leg. Step-ups play with gravity and height, since they consist of raising the body to a raised position using the strength of one of the legs.

Since we are training at home, we will have to find a stable surface to do the step-ups. In my case, since my house has stairs, I go to the beginning of the stairs and what I do is place my foot on the second rung. In this way I can do the exercise properly and if I lose my balance I have the rail to recover my position.

How to do step-ups: With your feet shoulder-width apart, place one foot on the raised surface. Lean your torso slightly forward. Once up, go back down. Finish the repetitions that you have marked with one leg and repeat them with the other. How to increase the difficulty of step-ups: As with squats, the best thing you can do is or hang a backpack with books on your back.

How to do the reverse lunge: Squeeze your abs. Put your hands in front of you. Slightly tilt your torso forward. Come up when the leg that is in front is perpendicular to your hip. You have to generate the force with this same leg. Finish the repetitions and do the same with the other.