Quick And Easy Dinner

More than 50 light, tasty and very easy dinners to prepare

Easy and very good with almost anything that we put inside Quick and luxurious dinner this fish and seafood soup that is prepared.

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Surely you are one of the people who when dinner time comes, you can’t think of what to prepare. In addition, if you add the accumulated fatigue of the day, the desire.

How to prepare chicken nuggets

If you want a quick, easy, light and tasty dinner, go ahead and make a rabbit drumstick with roasted vegetables. The rabbit is one of the.

Do you fancy a light and fresh dinner that is also easy to make?? The poke, a Hawaiian dish, has long conquered the hearts of many.

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30 healthy, delicious and easy dinners to make. We have compiled all these recipes so you don’t run out of ideas when preparing dinner. All.

The most original and delicious salads

We will continue with eggs and tortillas, one of my favorite resources for dinners due to the number of options offered by this simple ingredient. Of course yes, dare to prepare these buds, they are delicious and you can dress them as you prefer. Papaya salad with feta cheese and hearts of palm. How to make a perfect poached egg or poached egg: with the curdled egg white and the completely liquid yolk, they are the kings of brunch and on a toast for breakfast are Zarangollo from Murcia, a traditional recipe from the garden: zucchini and onion cooked over a very soft, egg to unite everything and you already have one of the star dishes of Murcian gastronomy my land!

Zarangollo from Murcia, a very simple and delicious traditional recipe from the garden Zucchini and onion omelette: same ingredients as zarangollo but a different way of cooking them, resulting in one of my favorite omelettes.

Baked vegetable cake with or without cream: perfect recipe for when you have leftover vegetables in the fridge and you don’t know what to do with them. Baked vegetable pie, with or without cream. Tofu marinated with wok vegetables and rice. You can consider doing it simply with two pieces of bread for a light dinner, left over from Zucchini spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese. Baked cauliflower with bechamel gratin: another very good recipe for those who want to eat cauliflower but prefer to mix its flavor with others, in this case with a homemade bechamel sauce and gratin cheese.

Oven-baked cauliflower with bechamel gratin Oven-baked stuffed mushrooms with ham and cheese: the sensation is like a mini pizza in the mouth and without the need for any dough, that’s why these mushrooms have to be prepared yes or yes. Baked stuffed mushrooms with ham and cheese. Of course, later I put it in a sandwich, something that I admit is surprising at first but that I encourage you to try.