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The True Story of Matilde, Luis Miguel’s Paternal Grandmother

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They assure that Matilde was an accomplice with her son Luis Rey, after the death of Rey, Vicente (“Tito”) and José Manuel, after Rafael Gallego.

Luisito Rey was the youngest son of the flamenco singers Rafael Gallego Rey and Matilde Sánchez Repiso. Although he was born on June 28 as Luis.

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Matilde and the Gallego Sánchez family have always suffered hardships:"In the home of the married couple formed by Rafael Gallego Rey and Matilde.

The true story of Matilde, Luis Miguel’s paternal grandmother – Living At Home

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What happened to Matilda?

Luis Miguel had two brothers and is the father of three children. He died during and El Sol paid to be cared for. He was a flamenco singer. He died in the year He was a soldier from Italy. Vanda Tarrozo: she was the maternal grandmother of Luis Miguel. In left her husband for another man and fled Carrara, Italy. He abandoned Marcela in an orphanage where he spent 10 years. Parents of Luis Miguel Marcela Basteri: the Italian actress was born on December 10 and was the mother of Luis Miguel.

She married the singer-songwriter Lusito Rey. He disappeared in Spain during the year He is the father of Luis Miguel. He was born on June 28, in Spain and died in the same country, in He was born on August 25 of the year in Spain. He is the second of the three brothers. She was born in the year She is an actress and singer from Mexico. She had a daughter with Luis Miguel in the year She also works as a singer and actress. She had two children with Luis Miguel. He was born on June 13 of the year in Mexico.

Although the singer recognized her, Michelle does not bear her father’s last name. He was born on January 1 during the year and is the second of the three descendants of the Sun of Mexico. She was born on December 18 of the year She is a Mexican actress and had an affair with El Sol during her youth. Lucia Méndez: is an actress and singer from Mexico.

Her romance with Luis Miguel began around the years El Sol was 17 years old. Mariana Yazbeck: photographer of Mexican nationality. Adela Noriega: Mexican actress. She also met Luis Miguel in the years Daysi Fuentes: she is a model and actress from Cuba.

The romance she had with Luis Miguel occurred in the Alicia Machado: the Venezuelan actress and former Miss Universe, had a brief romance with Luis Miguel in the 90s, after he separated from Daysi Fuentes. Salma Hayek: During the year, the Mexican actress arrived at the Oscars with El Sol, raising suspicions about a possible courtship, but it was never confirmed by anyone.

Luz Elena Gónzalez: the Mexican model, singer and actress, had a small affair with the singer during the year Her romance took place in the year Myrka Dellanos: the Cuban-American media journalist, established a love relationship with Micky, after meeting him in an interview they lasted two years together. Brittny Gastineau: This American model was another of Luis Miguel’s partners, although he was only with the Mexican star for a few months. Thus, as the story progresses between the memories of the characters, important moments are revealed, which lead the Mexican star to hate his father.

In this new installment, we will learn other details about the artist, but during his full maturity. In this sense, we will see how he manages to balance his controversial personal life, with all the weight of fame. On the other hand, the clarification of great questions is expected, among which what became of his mother, Marcela Basteri, stands out.

But don’t worry, at least we’ll leave you the first Netflix trailer about this next installment, which has already confirmed the release date of the second season. Votes: 2.

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