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Ragnarok Series: Synopsis, Opinions And Much More

Jason Strand Gravli plays Laurits in the Norwegian Netflix series. Here all the details about the 20-year-old actor who has woken up.

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With only six chapters, the ‘Ragnarok’ series places us in the imaginary town of Edda, in the middle of the majestic Nordic fjords.

The Ragnarok series offers us a curious and entertaining cross between youth superhero movies and Wikipedia’s review of mythology.

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The title of the VO of the series is identical to the one in Spanish: ‘Ragnarok’. We know that it is difficult to catalog the series, the following have been selected.

Netflix: The series you have to see if you like God of War

Its premiere is June 17, and the first season consists of twelve episodes with the standard duration of minutes. The series will be released as a.


NOVA, Premiere Date of Season 50 on Netflix – January 14, We present Ragnarok: We are facing a series that is already in its season 2 and continues to be a benchmark of quality. We know that it is difficult to classify the series, the following genres have been selected to classify it: Science fiction, Drama, Fantasy. Opinions and reviews of the Ragnarok series Luke, 34, asks: Good morning team, thanks for opening my eyes. I love series, anime and manga.

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