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The Rain: Netflix Series Season 3 Explained

The Rain was one of the first Danish originals and focused on the brothers Rasmus (played by Lucas Lynggaard T√łnnesen) and Simone.

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‘The Rain’: Rasmus becomes the problem. Posted on 06/12/ The second season of The Rain premiered on Netflix, a series whose plot tells the.

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Lars Simonsen as Dr. Jacob Luhmann as Thomas, "A stranger" de Apollon (seasons) Iben Hjejle as Ellen Andersen, mother of Simone and Rasmus .

Series, The Rain. [edit data on Wikidata]. Lucas Lynggaard T√łnnesen (July 13, Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish actor.Main character in the Netflix series The Rain, taking the role of Rasmus.

The Rain: Netflix Series Season 3 Explained

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The series premiered its third season on August 6 with many options open

The series could not come at a better time, as it tells the story of a powerful virus that appeared in Denmark due to a strange rain. In order to contain the infection, the wall encloses all the people who live there in a quarantine wall. This place is similar to a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where everything is possible and there are no written rules except to survive.

Next, we will talk about the end of "rain". Fie manages to escape and alert Simone of what is coming and bet everything on the nectar of the peculiar flower that is capable of reversing the infection. Sarah rebels against Rasmus, who is left face to face with his sister in a rather epic moment, after everything the two brothers have been through since the first season, face to face, ready to kill each other. However, after some small talk, Rasmus is convinced that his sacrifice is necessary for the world to heal, so he and Sarah sacrifice themselves to feed the flower that can treat the infection.

In the end, Simone and the rest of the survivors dedicate themselves to distributing the cure for the infection. A good ending for a series that ends with this third season and that, although the fans insist, it does not seem that it will have a fourth. Tagged in :.