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The 100: The 5 Best Things Raven Did (& The 5 Worst)

Raven Reyes is a fictional character from the television series Los, in which she is portrayed by Lindsey Morgan.Raven is smart, skilled, and fiercely determined, the youngest mechanical engineer the Ark has seen in 52 years.

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Raven Reyes is a fictional character from the television series Los, in which she is portrayed by Lindsey Morgan. Raven is intelligent, skilled, and.

Raven and Murphy is the relationship between Raven Reyes and John Murphy. They are played by cast members Lindsey Morgan and Richard Harmon in the.

The 5 Best Things Raven Did (& The 5 Worst) ScreenRant

Raven Reyes is a character in the series "the " — played by Lindsey Morgan.Raven is smart, skilled, and fiercely determined, the engineer.

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Raven went through many difficulties and understood the depths that pain could cause. She could have done a lot to help, but she didn’t always do the best things or the best. Raven helped save the world, but she also hurt several people.

But, with hours before the wave of death, Raven decides differently. He recovered and asked for help. Raven’s engineering savvy was essential in getting the rocket into space and preparing the Ring for its stay. However, it is not until the episode "Spacewalker" that it is revealed that Finn did not earn the nickname at all.

Finn asked Raven to give him the suit when things went wrong, and he took the fall, knowing that Raven would be floating since she was already eighteen. Throughout the seasons, the two found ways to keep meeting, eventually returning to space together during "Praimfaya.".

In the final episodes, Raven and Murphy work together as they desperately try to keep Emori alive until they reach Sanctum. To secure an alliance with Lexa, Clarke would have to hand over Finn.

Raven invited Murphy to join them on the Dropship because she plans to offer Murphy in Finn’s place. Raven is dedicated to telling Emori how much she cares about her and how important she is during "The Dying Of The Light". He has also supported his friends in the midst of the war for Eden. After saving Madi from Sheidheda and defeating the Primes, Raven and Clarke get back together, restoring their friendship. In the name of survival, everyone has done things they weren’t proud of.

All have been responsible for harming others or taking their own lives. Raven Reyes is no different. However, he seems to forget all the ways he was complicit in plans that led to people’s deaths. Raven claims that she has never done anything wrong, but the series contradicts this multiple times.

Raven helped build the bomb that caused Grounder kills. Raven also helped get the dropship off the ground, burning three hundred grounders. To retaliate and avenge him, Echo planned to use the Gen-9 to commit genocide against the people of Bardo.

Releasing the substance would crystallize the citizens, killing everyone. Although Echo wanted her friends to escape, she was willing to die for revenge. Clarke and Octavia try to convince Echo of her decision, but are unable to convince her. When Clarke realizes that Finn was poisoned, she rushes to get Lincoln’s antidote.

Although Octavia asks Bellamy and Clarke not to spank Lincoln, they do not give in. Raven threatens Lincoln with an electric shock. In the end, it is Octavia who convinces Lincoln to reveal the antidote. Knowing that they have a limited time before humanity becomes extinct, Clarke rushes to be with Madi and Raven enters the Anomaly.

Although Raven may not convince the Being of Light, humanity would never have perished had it not been for Raven’s confrontation. At the helm of a dangerous nuclear reactor, Raven must make the difficult decisions of who must sacrifice herself to prevent the death of everyone.

It’s a painfully difficult situation for Raven, and it only gets worse when Murphy and Emori are forced to help. It’s not Raven’s finest moment, but it was a necessary development for Raven to understand how it feels to make an impossible decision.

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