Red Wine Gelatin

Red Wine Gelatin And Seasonal Fruits

Delicious red wine, prune, pineapple, peach and chopped walnut jelly, decorated with kisses of Suspiros cream and cherries.

And after that, maybe a pretty rosy pink. Bolder red wines that work well for jello ~. Merlot; Malbec; Cabernet.

Ingredients: Red wine gelatin, 2 cups of sweet red wine, 1 cup of water, ½ cup of refined sugar, 5 tablespoons of gelatin, ½ cup of water.

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Boil the 4 cups of water and dilute the strawberry jelly sachets. In a small pot, heat the red wine, the syrup and.

▷ Christmas Gelatin of Red Wine and Fruit. Easy Holiday Dessert. Recipe+Video

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Red Wine Jelly

This Christmas jelly is very appropriate for the season, for its colors and of course for its flavor. Red wine is a festive and celebratory drink that goes well for this Christmas dinner. Christmas jelly recipe: how to make red wine jelly with walnuts and fruits step by step.

Meanwhile we are going to prepare the rest of the ingredients for our gelatin. We are going to open both cans of fruit in syrup, drain with the help of a strainer and also reserve the syrup, we must obtain 3 cups of syrup if they are not enough, add a little water. We will chop the pineapple and the peach in small pieces and we reserve it. In a small saucepan we are going to heat the red wine together with the pitted prunes and heat over high heat until the plums soften.

Mix the syrup together with the plums and the red wine and let cool completely. In a deep bowl or container we are going to combine all the ingredients, empty the strawberry jelly and add the syrup with the red wine, the prunes and the fruit in the chopped pineapple and peach syrup, mix it well to integrate everything perfectly. Pour into a jelly mold, remember to grease it with a little oil beforehand so that the jelly does not stick.

You can prepare individual portions or large portions to share. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until our gelatin begins to set. Chop the walnut and carefully incorporate the semi-curdled gelatin so that it is distributed and does not go to the bottom of the mold.

Unmold carefully and serve this dessert, you can decorate it with nuts or a little whipped cream. Step by step to prepare the recipe for Red Wine and Fruit Christmas Jelly To prepare this jelly, the first thing we are going to do is dilute the strawberry jelly along with the 4 cups of water, it is very important that the water is hot so that it dissolves to perfection the gelatin, stir with a spoon or stick until the gelatin is completely dissolved and reserve this mixture until it is lukewarm or room temperature.

In a small saucepan we are going to heat the red wine together with the pitted prunes. We heat over high heat until the plums soften. Swiss Enchiladas with Creamy Tomato Sauce Pour into a gelatin mold, remember to grease it with a little oil beforehand so that the gelatin does not stick. Serve this jelly for any festive occasion, it is an excellent recipe for New Years. There he obtained a degree in gastronomy, with honorable mention for his great performance.

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