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How To Dye Red Hair Black In 5 Steps (Secrets To Do It At Home)

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*Up to % depending on the shade of the dye. Combined use with a natural shade can achieve % gray coverage.

Reddish black dye, blonde dye or lightening dye? If you have any questions about natural or artificial colors, you are on the website.

If your hair is dyed red, a black dye will completely cover it, but you may notice reddish highlights from the washout; if you want this not to happen.

How to dye red hair black in 5 steps (secrets to do it at home)

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You should dry your hair with a hair dryer at low temperature. You will notice that your hair no longer looks the red it had before, now it is time to apply the black permanent dye. You can apply it after bleaching. You just have to have the black permanent dye kit and apply it to your hair the same way you always do. Well, with semi-permanent dye, the story changes a lot. Although red is a difficult color to remove, you have in your favor that semi-permanent dyes do not contain ammonia.

Ammonia is what makes the pigment stick to the hair fiber. Advertisements You may not need to bleach your hair. If it is a light shade, you can avoid discoloration. I also want to remind you that discoloration is optional. so you decide. If you decide to bleach, you just have to follow the steps that I told you before, as long as you have knowledge of coloring.

Why semi-permanent dye does not contain ammonia and thanks to that the color is not fixed as much as permanent dye. Advertisements Generally, semi-permanent dyes are renewed every 2 or 3 weeks, but in this case, since it is a dark color, you can space the renewal and do it every 3 or 4 weeks.

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