Remove Ticks With Salt

How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Home And Garden Easily

just mix.

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One of the great qualities of this natural remedy is its simplicity. To make it, all you have to do is spread a good amount.

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To prepare this natural remedy against ticks and fleas, mix iodized salt with hot water until the salt dissolves completely.

How to remove ticks with vinegar and other home remedies

However, it is perfect for removing ticks at home and others that are good at disposing of the bicarbonate and salt in the liquid.

Deep clean all areas of the house. Vacuum floors, furniture, carpets, corners, surfaces, etc. When finished, close the vacuum bag and dispose of it in an airtight container. Heat kills tick eggs. Maintain hygiene in your pet’s belongings and clean all their objects with hot water.

How to deworm a dog Commercial products to eliminate ticks at home In the market it is possible to find different products formulated to eliminate ticks that are in the home. Despite their effectiveness, these products should be administered with caution, as most are dangerous to children and pets. They are used to spray floors and walls. Insect repellents for clothing: can be used at home during a tick infestation, in the garden or during walks in mountainous areas.

Most of these repellents are sprayed on people’s clothing, thus repelling ticks. Insecticide floor cleaners: they complement an anti-tick treatment. It is a product suitable for cleaning the floors of homes. Ultrasound devices: this is an electronic device that emits a sound frequency that is unpleasant for insects and therefore for ticks.

It is recommended to use it in the company of other methods, to cover all the possible accesses of ticks to the house. As for the brands and names of the products, they vary according to the area in which you live. It is recommended to follow the instructions of the insecticide you purchase to use it properly. If the plague has spread a lot and you don’t know how to get rid of it, hire a fumigation service. Many people prefer to use natural or home remedies to remove ticks from the house.

Once we have thoroughly cleaned the house, it is advisable to apply these home methods. In a bowl, place 3 lemon slices and 3 orange slices. Cover with warm water and let them rest for a couple of hours. Then strain the slices and use the water to spray kitchen surfaces and scrub floors.

This method works to combat an infestation of ticks and also to prevent their reappearance. Eliminate ticks with salt This homemade solution can be used after general vacuuming of the house. All you need is regular kitchen salt and a vacuum cleaner. Spread the salt throughout the house, it is a food that attracts ticks.

Then simply vacuum up the salt and dispose of the sealed bag. In this case, prepare a natural repellent by mixing botija piñon leaves, oleander, rosemary and 3 lemon slices. Cover with water, let stand and then strain the contents. With this preparation, spray the floors, clean the surfaces and spray near doors and windows.

Use this remedy to cover those cracks where ticks enter, such as holes in the wall, gaskets in the windows, etc. Essential oils to prevent ticks Essential oils emit pleasant odors, but very strong for most insects. In a container with 2 liters of water, add 10 drops of tasting oil and mix well.

Use this preparation to spray the house, it works to prevent the entry of ticks. If you have verified that you have a tick infestation in your garden, apply these first steps: Remove all fallen leaves and dry branches. Dispose of yard trimmings, dry logs, and any other unused items. Prevent children from accessing the garden while the infestation persists.

Once these steps have been completed, you can apply these remedies to eliminate ticks from the patio: Fumigate sulfur to kill ticks Sulfur is a chemical component characterized by its yellow color and pungent odor. It is possible to buy it in drugstores and pharmacies, as it has insecticidal properties. Patio tiles, concrete spaces and carports can be dusted with sulfur, after cleaning, to kill and repel ticks.

Keep in mind that this component is toxic, you should not use it near your plants and it is not recommended if you have pets, as it is lethal. Similarly, do not allow children to approach the area treated with this chemical. Dishwashers to remove ticks Products used for dishes not only have cleaning properties, but also have antiseptic and antifungal properties. For this reason, they can help you remove ticks from the yard.

In a container with 5 liters of water, place half a liter of dishwasher and 4 cloves of garlic. Let sit for several hours and then use the water to clean the patio. These remedies should only be used in your yard, not on plants.

For the garden, there are insecticides against ticks that are safe for plants. Prevention of an infestation of ticks The work against ticks does not end when they are gone, you must maintain some methods to prevent them from reappearing: Deep and frequent cleaning of the home. Garden and patio maintenance. Regular deworming of your pets.

This method should be complemented with other preventive measures. The method of use is the same as that used with other fertilizers: remove the soil where you want to place it and mix, taking care that the fertilizer is not too deep. These preventive methods for the garden also complement the treatment against ticks that you apply in the house and yard.

If necessary, remember that you can hire a professional to take care of the process and get better results.