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Ricardo Montaner

Ricky Montaner, was born on November 21, , today he is 30 years old. It was on August 17 that Mauricio, known.

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All Information on Ricardo Montaner (World Music Singer) – Age, Birthday, Biography, Facts, Family, Net Worth, Income.

With the marriage of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman, the group that reached that age was going to realize that the marriage was no longer going to.

The couple married when they both came of age and was the one who accompanied him at the beginning of his career. However, the.

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Ricardo Montaner has five children and this is how they currently look: photos of his church choir, only he did it when he was 4 years old.

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Index Summary of Biography of Ricardo Montaner Although his birthplace was in Argentina, Ricardo Montaner considers himself Venezuelan, since he came to this country when he was just seven years old. However, he also has Colombian and Dominican nationality. He is known throughout the world as Ricardo Montaner and his date of birth is September 8 of the year, but he was actually registered under the name of Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner.

Although his birthplace was in Avellaneda, Argentina, Ricardo Montaner considers himself a Venezuelan citizen, since he moved to this oil country when he was just seven years old. And, motivated by a teacher, I find the path I had always looked for. Although it was the singer Roberto Luti who discovered him and supported him in the recording of several 45 rpm records.

With Marlene he managed to procreate his three children: Ricardo, Mauricio and Evaluna, who inherited his artistic and vocal qualities. He has been the winner of different musical awards, such as the Latin Grammy Award for musical excellence in the year, being nominated in and During the year, this singer had the opportunity to debut as a jury of La Voz Colombia, becoming the winner of that edition. accompanying Miranda, her pupil.

Distinguished visitor, decoration imposed by the City Council of Santo Domingo in an act headed by Mayor Roberto Salcedo.

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