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Who Tested Positive For COVID At Stefi Roitman And Ricky Montaner’s Wedding Party?

The absence of Héctor Montaner (40), the second son of Ricardo Montaner on the son from his first marriage to Ana Vaz.

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Ricardo Montaner married his first wife, Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, when he came of age. Here we tell you what happened with his first marriage.

· Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, is the name of the first wife that Ricardo Montaner had in his youth, and who made him a father when.

Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke the first wife of Ricardo Montaner. Izobrazhenie. ч. europareportage.eu · г.Twitter WebApp.

The singer has five children, two Alejandro and Héctor from his first marriage to Ana Vaz Pönicke, from whom he separated in

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