Ricardo Montaner’S Family

The Montaners: Who’s Who In This Successful Musical Family

Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner, known by his stage name Ricardo Montaner, is an Argentine singer-songwriter, naturalized Venezuelan, Colombian and Dominican.Throughout his career he has sold more than 25 million records.The peak of his.

The Argentine model will marry her boyfriend Ricky Montaner in January , in Miami, where her fiancé’s entire family lives. The couple.

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Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner (Avellaneda, September 8), known for his Later emigrated with his family to Maracaibo, Venezuela and would study in.

On Saturday the 8th, Ricardo Montaner’s son and actress Stefanía Roitman were married in front of guests at a stud farm in Exaltación de la Cruz.

The Montaners: who’s who in this successful musical family

The singer-songwriter born in Argentina and naturalized Venezuelan, Colombian and Dominican has five children: Alejandro and Héctor from his first union.

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Ricardo Montaner — leader Ricardo Montaner inherited his musical talent to his five children from two marriages. Ricardo married Ana Vaz, his childhood love and with whom he remained married for eleven years. Alejandro and Héctor were the product of this first marriage.

In , three years after his divorce, he married the filmmaker Marlene Rodríguez with whom he had Ricardo, Mauricio and Evaluna. Alejandro Montaner — the eldest A post shared by Hector hmontaner Alejandro is the eldest of the clan. Here with Ricky, who is also the eldest son of Ricardo’s second marriage. The firstborn grew up in a musical environment but decided to become a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Héctor Montaner — the first composer Héctor is an author, composer and singer. He is 40 years old, is the father of three children and lives in the United States. The wedding took place last weekend in Argentina and their family did not miss the appointment. Ricky was the first son of the second marriage of Ricardo and Marlene, he was born in Caracas but at the age of 10 he moved to Miami along with his whole family.