Rice Masks

Rice Masks To Prevent Wrinkles

Rice masks to remove dark spots Forget about hyperpigmentation and achieve an even tone with rice water (which has the power.

In a blender add the cold cooked rice and the parsley, mix well for a few seconds and pour the cup of water and blend until you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Baking soda with lemon What is it for?

How to prepare the rice mask step by step? -Boil the rice with water for 3 minutes, then strain and save the water. -Make a.

All you need to do is add a cup of water and a few drops of lemon to ½ cup. As soon as the liquid is at room temperature, use it to.

Rice mask for the face, what it is for and how it is made

To prepare this Japanese mask, you must cook the rice for 3 minutes and drain it, but without throwing away the water. Then mix the rice, milk and honey.

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