Or maybe Donna is actually Donna Peabody. Penny Peabody is a gang leader who has a great passion for trying to destroy Jughead.

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Chapter Seventy-Two: To Die For – Riverdale – Spoiler Time

Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on Sarah Desjardins as Donna Sweett, a student at Stonewall Prep.

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First on Warner Channel. The routines of The Archies were full of setbacks that included deaths, murders, infidelities, mysterious videos and with a series of characters plotting problems, revenge and disputes. The fourth season of Riverdale reaches its finale first on Warner Channel on Wednesday, May 6, Grand finale of the fourth season of Riverdale This final chapter, called Killing Mr.

After overcoming the conflicts in Stonewell, the epilogue of the fourth season of Riverdale has been marked by three main lines of action: the tense relationship between Mr. Honey with her students, the reappearance of the mysterious videos in the entrances of the houses, and the awakening of a new romance between Archie and Betty.

The death of Fred Andrews. No one knew who the culprit was, so Archie decided to go find him on his own. Jughead goes to Stonewall. Chipping from going to prestigious high school. This is where he met Brett, Donna and the rest of the gang. the end of the farm. With the help of Charles, Betty found where the Farmers were hiding.

Meanwhile, Alice was aligned with the FBI to end the cult. Finally, she shoots Edgar, which spells the end of the farm. Archie the masked vigilante from Riverdale. While it was the end of The Farm, Archie didn’t think that would ensure Riverdale stayed safe.

So, together with Monroe, he decided to open a community center so that young people are safe. The tapes appear in every house in Riverdale. All the residents of Riverdale received some VHS tapes in the entrance of their houses.

They are recordings of the exterior of each of the homes. The disturbing thing is that it only shows that for hours and hours. Nana Rose reveals the secret of the triplets. When Cheryl and Toni finally decided to bury Jason’s body, it seemed his spirit was trapped in a doll that followed them everywhere.

But Nana Rose revealed to them that it was Julian. Betty finds out she has serial killer genes. Veronica’s lost sister. The problem is that Hiram was also free, thanks to the help of Hermosa, his secret daughter. The Mystery of the Baxter Brothers Books. Jughead met Mr. Dupont, the author of the saga, who knew his grandfather.

With the help of Charles, he was able to find Forsythe and learned that he was actually the one who sold the stories to Mr. The mysterious suicide of Mr. Jughead and Betty began to investigate the curious death of Mr. Chipping, who jumped out of a window at any moment. The questions continued to grow when a suicide note fell from Brett’s jacket and a pin was found in Donna’s room.

During the season it was believed that Betty could be Jughead’s killer. However, it was all a master plan to uncover the truth of the disappearances at Stonewall High School. After exposing the secrets, Jug returned to Riverdale High.

Archie and Betty kiss. It all started when they had to pretend they were lovers during Jug’s supposed death.