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They Are The 5 Hottest Actors In Riverdale

The town of Riverdale has yet to recover from the tragic murder of the school’s golden boy, Jason Blossom. Given what happened, Archie Andrews rethinks his future: dedicate himself to music instead of working in the family business.

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones in Riverdale the most beautiful love that has been seen throughout the series. This chemistry between.

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The series features a cast that includes KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse and Madelaine Petsch accompanied by Marisol Nichols, Ashleigh.

The series features a cast based on the characters from Archie Comics, with KJ Apa in the role of Archie Andrews; Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes.

They are the 5 hottest actors in Riverdale – Homosensual

Cast Riverdale; Lili Reinhart. Betty Cooper. chapters; Cole Sprouse. jughead jones. 99 chapters; Camila Mendez. Veronica Lodge. 99 chapters; Madeline.

We tell you the name of the actors who will no longer be part of the cast of ‘Riverdale’!

In the Archie comics, this character is asexual. For this reason, they have accused The CW series of straight washing. Seriously, he’s very talented. He plays Archie Andrews, the redhead who stole our hearts from the first episode of the series. For obvious reasons, KJ Apa has become the crush of many girls and boys. His natural hair color is dark brown.

Of all the Riverdale actors, KJ Apa is possibly our favorite. We also saw him as Zach Dempsey in 13 Reasons Why. i love you. Although it only came out in the first season, Ross Butler is one of our favorite guys from Riverdale. In the series, Kevin is an openly gay boy; in fact the first.

Although his career as an actor is still not very extensive, everything seems to indicate that he has a very promising future. Casey Cott as Kevin Keller on Riverdale. His first jobs as an actor include series such as American Horror Story and Glee. We love bad boys. We drool every time we see Tommy Martinez.