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Riverdale Reveals Its Great Mystery And Gives The Surprise

Jason Blossom was a recurring character on Riverdale. He was played by actor Trevor Stines. Jason was the son of Clifford and Penelope Blossom.

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Although there are many other characters who have died in the Riverdale series, the most notorious so far is Jason Blossom.

The return of the fifth season of "Riverdale" went with several new mysteries. One of them is related to Jason, the brother of.

Riverdale reveals its great mystery and surprises – Series Addicts

Oct 11, – Explore Aubrey’s board "jason blossom" on Pinterest. See more ideas about trevor stines, riverdale, riverdale jason.

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So it’s safe to say that all is not what it seems. Consider your spoiler warning. OK then, let’s continue. The episode opens with Jughead trying to come to terms with his father’s possible involvement in Jason Blossom’s murder. Of course Betty, Veronica and Archie know F. Hal Cooper reveals that he was the one who stole all the information and evidence from Sheriff Keller’s office because he didn’t want the investigation to go back to the Cooper family. In fact, there isn’t even a Cooper family.

Hal’s grandfather was the brother of Clifford’s grandfather, but when he was killed by Clifford’s grandfather Blossom, the Coopers cut ties with the Blossoms and took a new last name. Which means, of course, that Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper were related.

It’s only now that Alice Cooper realizes that they have to get Polly out of Thornhill. much for F. We’re finally going to see who murdered Cheryl’s twin brother. Moments later, Clifford Blossom walks in, pulls the ring he was going to propose to Polly out of Jason’s pocket, and immediately shoots his son in the forehead.

Yes, Clifford Blossom killed his own son! Meanwhile, we also learn why F. Jones confessed to Jason’s murder. Clifford visited F. If you thought that was the extent of the episode’s shocking moments, think again.

Because when the sheriff and his team arrive at Thornhill to arrest Clifford, they, along with Cheryl and Penelope Blossom, discover that he hanged himself in the Blossom Maple Syrup barn.. With only one episode left in the season, many questions remain. If you didn’t cry, or at least empathize, with Jughead throughout the episode, we need to talk. We thought if we could get Clifford to a place where he could possibly do that to Jason, and really feel the thrill of that, it would be a pretty chilling place to uncover the mystery that we’ve been building up all season..

RAS: Absolutely. We expect the audience to have a lot of questions about Jason’s murder and Clifford’s motivations, and we’ll address a lot of those questions at the end. RAS: That is a very good question. Apparently, Clifford’s guilt – and his fear of being jailed – led him to commit suicide. RAS: Another good question that I don’t want to answer definitively: not spoil anything but leave our world open to interpretation.

I think most husbands would try to hide that from themselves as much as humanly possible. RAS: It’s true; this revelation would be a gigantic blow to anyone’s psyche. And believe it or not, but things are going to get worse for her. When we started writing our season, we created a long and detailed history of Riverdale and its main families. When one of our especially bright young writers proposed this ancient connection between the families, it immediately became part of our show’s mythology..

Glamour: Although F. RAS: Exactly correct-F. But expect a big shake up for Jones’s men. RAS: You’re right, she’s not due until this season is over. For now, there is no reason to think that their babies are unhealthy.

And always on the run. We knew the episode had to move like the wind. It was definitely a challenge to get the calibration right, but we have a great team, great producers, and a great team. Related Posts.