Roasted Bananas

Ripe Plantains with Cheese and Sandwich (Guava Paste)

Preheat oven to F.

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Roasted ripe plantains are an exquisite dessert. Its filling can vary, depending on the creativity of the cook.

Bananas are placed on the grill unpeeled and grilled turning constantly. The doneness is checked; ready, they are peeled and returned to the.

Learn how to prepare Roasted Banana in a pan with this rich and easy recipe. Today we are going to prepare a fantastic recipe with plantain.

How to make roasted plantains

Remove the plantains from the oven, make a horizontal incision in the middle of each plantain, and fill them with cheese. Bake for more minutes, or until.

Grilled Plantains with Sandwich and Cheese

Here are 5 ways. This is accompanied with salty hard cheese, grated. The procedure is very simple. It is recommended to do it with your hands to cover the entire fruit. They are then baked at high temperature for 20 minutes on each side. Being golden, even slightly dark, proceed to open them lengthwise with a knife.

Black pepper or any other spice to taste. Then, you have to fill them with cheese and sprinkle pepper. Finally, it is a good option to serve immediately. Then you have to sauté the vegetables starting with the onion, then the pepper and the tomato. Then, you have to add the meat, fry it a little and add the fried tomato.

Season to taste. You have to cook the preparation for a few moments, until the meat is done, but still juicy. Fill them with the rest of the ingredients; meat, bechamel sauce, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. After that, you have to sauté the onion, then add the pepper and tomato and fry a little.

Then add the salt, pepper, parsley and lemon juice. Mix everything well, so that all the flavors integrate with each other. The filling should not be bulky, just the right amount so that it does not overly saturate the diner. Finally, serve immediately, still hot.

Fill them with guacamole, avocado and grated cheese. serve immediately. you might be interested

MADURO PLATANO – Recipe of Ripe Banana with CHEESE and SANDWICH (#93)