Roasted Black

Venezuelan Black Roast

Black roast is a typical food of Venezuela. The dish consists of a cylindrical cut of meat, extracted from the back of the beef; which is prepared with spices and paper.

Ingredients 1 Piece Round boy of a few kilos, clean but a piece of fat is left. 1 liter red wine. 2 cups of onion.

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Ingredients · 1 piece of round boy meat (eye of round, redondel) of 2.5 kilograms · 6 sweet peppers, chopped · garlic cloves.

Recipe of the traditional Venezuelan black roast, it is prepared with beef (round boy), marinated with garlic, Worcestershire sauce, cumin, salt, black pepper.

Venezuelan Black Roast – Yummy Recipes

Ingredients · To marinate the meat: 1 g round of beef · 2 chillies, cayenne peppers or chilies · 3 cloves of garlic · 1 medium carrot · 1 onion · 1/2 pepper.

How to Make Venezuelan Black Roast

How to make Venezuelan black roast We start the night before, submerging the round piece of veal in wine. It is preferable to use a tall and narrow saucepan so that with three glasses of wine it is enough to cover. In a heat-resistant pan, heat the oil and add the grated paper on top of it.

There are those who also include them in the previous marinade but I recommend doing it this way. We add the wine where we marinate the meat and the broth, and let cook for 12 minutes, covering the saucepan and with the fire at a minimum. We turn the piece and leave another 12 minutes so that it cooks well on both sides. Let the meat cool very well before cutting it into thick fillets.

We blend the sauce with the vegetables and heat it again so that it recovers its beautiful dark color. Cut the fillets to your liking. In Venezuela it is customary to serve them in thick slices of 1 cm although in Spain we usually cut this meat into thin fillets.