Rock Tattoos

Rock Tattoos

The rock’s most significant tattoo is the one on his left arm. It occupies a large part of it, as well as the shoulder, up to the shoulder blade and chest. TO.

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The tattoo on his chest represents the "warrior spirit" that helps him overcome obstacles. That’s why he has done it on his heart. Too.

The tattoo represents your history, with all the challenges, success, family, cultures and gratitude for all of it. It’s full of.

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polynesian tattoos. You may have seen this type of tattoo on one large famous man, who is referred to as one of Earth’s sediments. And it is.

In the arms of La Roca we will find several artistic drawings that have many meanings for the American actor. He is an actor, bodybuilder and professional wrestler. It is known in the American artistic environment known as The Rock — La Roca.

Meanings of The Rock tattoos The Rock tattoos are found on both arms. On the left arm we find a tribal-style tattoo, where the American fighter has included several images dedicated to his family, his wife, his ancestors, spiritual guides and also have to do with his personality.

This tattoo occupies part of his chest, the shoulder blade and the entire arm. On his right arm we can see the head of a bull. This was done by La Roca because he was born under the sign of Taurus, on May 2. The main characteristics of this sign is that they are slow but sure. They like stability, comfort and security in all senses and they like to enjoy the pleasures of life. One of the curiosities about his tribal-type tattoo that the actor shows on his left arm is that he traveled to the land of his ancestors to have that work done that he wears with great pride because it is a way to commemorate and pay tribute to him. to their ancestors.

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