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The meaning of kisses. Prepare your lips.

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The language of love: what do your kisses mean?

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The meaning of kisses. prepare your lips. Our sensitivity is enhanced if we keep them well cared for. In our department of aesthetic medicine we can hydrate them inside and out, improve their shape and leave them prepared to feel emotions. Both giving and receiving a kiss is one of those sensations that are capable of giving you goosebumps, especially if it is given to you by the person you want to be with so much.

Some poets affirm that kisses are the expression of the soul. In today’s article we are going to review the different types of kisses. Some evolutionary psychologists believe that kissing another person is based on genetics, that is, that we are predisposed to it. Next we will tell you what each type of kiss means so that you find out what your boy wants to tell you when he gives you one. Kiss on the forehead Kiss on the forehead means that they are just friends. Kiss on the lips This type of kiss involves gently sucking the lips of the partner while both mouths are interspersed.

Kiss on the cheeks This kiss is made with the mouth closed on the cheeks of another person and means respect and affection. It can be used to flirt with someone, greet or say goodbye to the person you love. Kiss on the hands This type of kiss is performed on the back of the hand.

It can have several meanings such as passion, chivalry or kindness. This type of kiss means passion and desire to please the partner. Butterfly kiss The butterfly kiss happens when you approach a person and flutter your eyelashes near your partner’s. The primary meaning of this kiss is to increase the romanticism within the couple. Kiss on the neck Like the kiss on the ear, the kiss on the neck is another one of those aphrodisiac kisses that make the other person prepare for intimate relationships.

Kiss to the air The kiss to the air is usually accompanied by the hand and even both can be used. Whatever the kiss, we will always use the lips and it is better that they are hydrated and fleshy. The lips are one of the regions of the body with the greatest representation in the cerebral cortex, and this is related to the importance they have in the phonoarticular system, involved in verbal communication.

How often couples lock lips is linked to relationship satisfaction. The sensations and emotions that are generated by a kiss cause a lot of pleasure, so we want to repeat it. The various substances found in saliva, such as hormones and proteins involved in the immune response, in a way that is unknown if they are detected by the other person, and this could lead you to think that your partner is suitable for maintaining a relationship that involves procreation.

It is a time when various taste and olfactory stimuli are perceived, which generate different responses in our body. Benefits for the body Kisses have a different connotation when you only want to excite the other person to have a one-night stand than when you want a long-term one. In general, kissing can be beneficial for the body. In Japan — a country where people don’t often kiss on the mouth so much — studies have been done on people with allergies, such as rhinitis.

This result may be due to the fact that emotions at the level of the central nervous system have repercussions on other systems, such as the endocrine and immune systems. However, kissing someone is a sign of attachment, of having a feeling for the other person and wanting to be with them, said the expert in the study of the effects and mechanisms of action of sex hormones, and their role in sexual behavior in animal models.

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