Rosalia Before And After

The ‘nail art’: Rosalía

"When I heard it, for me it was a before and after". For an artist who has been groomed to be the successor to the biggest super.

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Rosalía is one of the most successful young singers of the moment. However, to the interpreter of "with height" it cost him a lot to become so.

A few minutes later, Rosalía appeared at the door trying to hide her face from the avalanche of flashes. The security guards.

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Rosalía has published some controversial images on her account of Being such a friend of Kylie Jenner has led her to resemble each other more and more.

MOTOMAMI: Rosalía’s path to her own emancipation – Rolling Stone

Tangana, singer from Madrid, with whom he shares a song, «Antes de Morirme». In fact, there were many rumors that in the song that the artist has.

November 17, 2022

After several meetings we agreed to listen to his new album and finish a conversation that began at the beginning of , in the middle of the pandemic. The Spanish woman has her hair tied up and wears a large shirt that doubles as a miniskirt. Although her grandmother took her to dance classes while her mother worked, she grew up in an environment far from flamenco and only connected with it until her teens, when she met artists like Camarón de la Isla.

But it would be until she was 16 years old and already obsessed with flamenco, that she began to take professional classes. I’m the first to do it outside your circle of trust. A cable from your laptop goes directly to the input of the 72-channel console. MOTOMAMI is a set of binomials that make up, in dissonant pairs, a masterpiece based on progressions, synthesizers and saturated organs. When we finished, Rosalía fell into tears.

It is a reflection of itself. Spain seems to have all the answers. Rosalía is desire and the source of infinite fire that feeds it. So, I guess I don’t like looking at the past that much [Laughs], if that makes sense. But it is also what has put you in the present. One hundred percent, so I feel very grateful for everything these projects have given me, but I try to put it aside when I am so engrossed in what is next.

Then with Pablo I learned a lot about composing and, although El mar amar has a part of traditional flamenco, there is also a lot in composition; I think I’ve learned a lot writing by his side. Now on this record everything is made up from scratch. It is not explicitly traditional, far from it. There’s also a sense of humor, there’s irony, it’s different, it’s like I wanted to use other codes, I wanted to find another way to make an album this time. In short, it’s like there has been a whole job of, as I told you before, a lot of experimentation.

Look, I did feel a bit of a freaking out energy around, in general, a bit of that feeling like I wasn’t keeping up with things. But I was going at my pace, mine, the one I needed to be able to do this.

Jacket: Alfredo Martinez; Necklace and glasses: Chanel. I think that’s one of the best adjectives they can give you. I thank you very much, because I do feel that I have taken a risk, first of all, I do feel that way. There was a lot of time when I was alone, yes, there was a lot of time to battle it out and feel in an abyss. Although I also felt it before, it is different here, I have really worked with many different producers, I have collaborated with different people and although I have enjoyed it a lot, I have had to fight for it.

And in many moments I have been very alone, but in others also accompanied, and I have to say that I am very grateful to all the collaborators that have been in the project. I really like it when you said that it is a declaration of principles, because I think that musically it is, and conceptually the lyrics too. For me it has been very important, for example, collaborating with Tokischa, with Rita Indiana, with Caroline Shaw, they are women who have been part of this project.

Although it is inexplicable that it continues to work, it works. If I understand you. As seen from another place. that keeps him alive. So, from there it is that I understand it, I do not judge if an artist or a friend of mine does not speak in a way that makes me feel comfortable. Because it was really fun. Not as strategic as one would think. Not at all. But it also makes sense to do certain collaborations. I don’t know, everything, everything. So, there is a lot of that and I was also curious, not only about how I feel it, but how others have felt it, and suddenly seeing the documentary about the life of Nina Simone has marked me, reading a book about the life of Chavela and listening to her discography has marked me.

I think not, I listen to reggaeton since I was 13 years old. In fact, I remember buying a compilation CD of reggaeton songs and starting to dance at home, when I was only 13 years old, because I enjoyed it. So, for me, everything is the same, even if they are different energies, different codes. It is the representation of an emotion at the end. Yes, and an energy.

Yes, but that’s the point, and it’s that songs like those make you stop thinking that it’s flamenco, they’re just songs and they’re beautiful melodies. I don’t know how to tell you, because only God would say, I have no idea. It’s like those things, when they happen, it’s because they have to happen, and it happened like this. But if this context of confusion has served any purpose, it is to reaffirm myself and to define the path of things. Even if it is with other influences, with other codes that I also enjoy. And that’s life itself.

Yeah you go up and down. And when you say flags, neither. they weigh too much. And putting a flag on me would be the opposite. Justo Betancur said that, and I thought it was so cool to write a song about it, the fame. And then let it be what God wants. I didn’t start my career making hits. If I have had one, it is thanks to the fact that people have given it love, and it has passed. Transformation, sexuality, heartbreak, celebration, spirituality, everyday life as well, respect for oneself and for what one is.

I don’t want to be alone in that, unless it was to make a complete album about heartbreak; Bad love has some of that too, but an entire album about heartbreak doesn’t seem very interesting to me. Ivy, for example, was a great reference for me. She is a very irreverent woman, I think, the way she does it and how she has done it. Reggaeton has always been in my life, since I was 11 years old, when I heard it for the first time at the fair in my town, with my cousins ​​dancing to all the songs of Don Omar.

I don’t like it when something sounds very preconceived, which I’ve heard. It’s that, in the end, the best quality of the best pop is that it’s accessible, it’s inclusive. Kanye has something that cuts and that reaches people. My process in the studio is based on experimentation, always. So, you have to compress it a lot and be aware of all these details that several genres can coexist within the same song.

And I’m talking specifically about you, about C. Suddenly, coincidentally, they were born in the same country and it has nothing to do with being Spanish, or maybe it is. C appears. Still, I think there are brilliant artists in Latin America. Lots of inspiration there; Arca is Venezuelan. I am lucky that in my country there is a lot of art, it is a country of art. So, there is a lot of inspiration, that’s why there are so many artists and so good.

I think that’s it, folklore and inspiration. Spain is a country that has a lot of art.