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Who is the boyfriend of ‘La Rosalía’ that appears on Wednesday in El Hormiguero?

poses for the first time on a red carpet with his.

The Catalan and her new boyfriend landed in Barcelona after spending a few days in Mallorca, where they both participated the week.

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Who is Rosalía’s new boyfriend? Rauw Alejandro’s real name is Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz. He was born in Puerto Rico and is 28 years old. Their.

This is Rosalía’s new boyfriend: the singer Rauw Alejandro who is lining up

What the Police have against Rosalía and her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro shakes up Telecinco They are the fashionable couple at the end of Life smiles at.

Story of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

Comment A few days ago, the internationally recognized Spanish artist confirmed what was already an open secret, her first official relationship. His father was a guitarist and his mother a chorus girl. His musical education alternated between boleros, rock and hip hop at home, without forgetting rancheras, merengue or salsa.

He grew up with Michael Jackson and says he loved Latin stars. His obsession with Spain does not come only for Rosalía. I showed up at school, when I was nine years old or so, to a contest of imitators of him. The boy of the moment was on his way to a professional life as a footballer, he even traveled to the United States, but "life told me that not there".

At only 28 years old, he is a singer, composer, dancer and producer. He began his career in the year without a defined musical genre. It started with reggaeton and continued with the techniques of hip hop, dancehall, Latin trap and even pop. It wasn’t until six years later that he was able to release his first studio album, with the help and support of Rosalía, of course. The rest is history. But, it is not the first time that the singer visits Spain. On June 26 of this year he was a "victim" of one of David Broncano’s interviews in La Resistencia.

There have been numerous times that the singer has confessed in interviews his desire to collaborate with that of Malamente. A full-fledged Escape Room that fed the paparazzi every day. The singer’s birthday has been the perfect excuse for both to stop hiding their romance. Balloons, cake, video games and selfies together were the witnesses of the new bomb news that her partner confirmed on her own wall.