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How To Make Up Round Face: +7 Tips To Lengthen And Define The Face

A round face has smooth outer contours. It resembles an oval face, but compared to this, it is slightly wider and shorter.

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The best ideas of haircuts for round faces and side parting to balance the contours, another perfect idea.

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Makeup for a round face turns disadvantages into advantages: lengthens the oval and removes the contour darkens to lengthen the cheekbones.

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Makeup tips for contouring the face. try to feel your cheekbones. That’s where you should contour. The higher you apply the shadow, the sharper it will.

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Not all faces can take all types of cuts, but if there is a type of face for which many of them work (with permission from the.

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If you have a round face, it is important that you know how to make up each area to achieve a harmonious effect. Imagine the lights and shadows of a painting, focus on how it gives light to your face and work based on it. Eyes To break the curves present in the round face it is important to create vertical lines. Apply a light eye shadow on the line against the eyebrows.

Finally do not forget the mascara, apply it emphasizing the outer corner of the eye for an impact look. Apply carefully not to exceed the amount in the central area of ​​​​the face, nose, cupid’s bow, forehead and chin. Stylizing the face is one of the main guidelines when applying makeup. How to make up a round face for different occasions Without a doubt, make-up is the best tool to correct, highlight or hide any part of the face.

Similarly, this incredible tool allows us to change styles and go from one look to another in a matter of minutes. In the case of a round face, knowing how to make up the face to achieve different looks is not complicated, however, certain guidelines must be followed. Learn how to make this makeup and look radiant at school or work.

To make it ideal for any occasion we will work with earth and nude tones. Finally, do not forget to give that point of light in the tear duct and make up your eyebrows to offer the ideal frame for your look. Start by working your skin until you get a smooth and properly shaded look, next we will focus on the star of this makeup, your eyes.

Give your eyebrows an angled shape and make them look bushy and without imperfections. You can apply some fixative to make them last perfect all night. Don’t forget the highlighter dot on the tear duct. So that the interest does not focus only on the shape of the face, always make up your lips. Give your makeup that professional look with a nice pair of false eyelashes. Elegant and sensual The infallible makeup, the combination of the cat eye with red lips.

To give this makeup a different touch, we recommend doing a double eyeliner, but it is something simple so do not worry, take note. For the eyebrows you can apply some shadow, or if you want a lighter makeup you can opt for some colored fixative. Then do the main eyeliner as usual and, for the counterpart, take the angled brush, mark from the middle of the eye to almost the end of the upper eyeliner.

Don’t forget to use a good mascara and apply a point of light to the tear duct with some highlighter. Finally, to complete this look, dare to go for passionate red lips, you can even use a touch of gloss. Base of your shade It may seem almost obvious, however, sometimes we forget to make the perfect match with our base. The best way to use the foundation in your favor is to choose it in liquid format and in the exact tone of your skin, in such a way that it blends with the skin with a natural finish.

Darken the contours As we explained in the step by step, it is important to darken the ends of the face, yes, without going overboard with the amount or tone. After darkening the outer area of ​​your face, it’s time to give light to the interior.

Frames the face Eyebrows have a tremendous influence on the final appearance of makeup and the expressiveness of the face. Red tones, burgundy, etc. Use these tips on how to make up a round face and get a magazine makeup. If there is a trick that you should know about how to make up a round face and look elegant, it is that makeup needs company.

Wear long, straight, layered hair to give your face that elongated look. Finally, and to give that extra touch to your look, add a nail art that goes according to your makeup.