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It is said that this drink became known in the Manhattan Club bar in New York as Tequila Margarita. The Tequila Margarita is a cocktail.

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How to prepare Black Russian, ingredients, step by step and nutritional value. A recipe from Belgium.

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In a short glass with ice mix 1½oz of Vodka and ¾oz of Coffee Liqueur. You can decorate with a sprig of mint. Rate this drink.

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Why vodka is the ideal drink for preparing cocktails? Discover the list of cocktails that can be prepared with this distillate from Russia and.

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Black Russian becomes White Russian with the addition of cream. But don’t be fooled by the name, this drink is not originally from Russia. So called because vodka is the main ingredient. My favorite way to enjoy a White Russian is with a mix of walnuts and golden sultanas, with a piece of dark chocolate, with a slice of flourless chocolate cake, or with an olive oil brownie square. White Russian Vodka Kahlua Ingredients Any coffee-flavored liqueur will work Full cream or half and half The amounts: You can add equal parts of everything, i.e. 1 oz 30 ml Vodka, 1 oz 30 ml Kahlua and 1 oz 30 ml heavy cream or you can make it with 2 parts vodka, 1 part Kahlua and 1 part cream.

You usually mix the vodka with the Kahlua in a glass, add the ice and stir well until chilled. It is then poured into another glass with fresh ice and poured over the cream. Then the cream is added. No need to shake this cocktail, just stir it with a spoon.

How he became famous The White Russian began to gain popularity after the movie The Big Lebowski. The Big Lebowski is an American crime comedy film written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Millionaire Lebowski’s trophy wife is kidnapped, and he tasks The Dude with delivering the ransom to secure her release; The plan goes awry when The Dude’s friend, Walter Sobchak, plots to keep the ransom money.

White Russian served over ice in an Old Fashioned glass. The old fashioned glass, rocks glass, lowball glass or simply lowball, is a short glass used to serve alcohol, neat or with ice. It is also often used to serve the old fashioned cocktail, from which it gets its name.

Old fashioned glasses usually contain between and ml. Black Russian and Black Russian Cocktail As mentioned above, omitting the cream results in a Black Russian. But there is also a black russian cocktail. Garnish with a cherry on top. Top glass with chilled cola and garnish with a maraschino cherry.