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Sagittarius Season: What’s In Store For This Zodiac Sign?

If you feel a little down today, Sagittarius, it may be as a result of your like that of this old love of which you have not completely closed the chapter.

In addition to telling you what health, money and love holds for Sagittarians, EL ESPAÑOL offers you the horoscope of all the signs.

Sagittarius: here are your free predictions for the day January 13. Sagittarius Astrocenter Today Horoscope January 13: love.

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I know the predictions and what the horoscope holds for Sagittarius this Thursday, January 13, in matters of health, love and money.

Sagittarius Horoscopes: Dates, characteristics, how it is in love, compatibility | fashion

The Sagittarius horoscope today for free, the keys to destiny in Love, Money and Health. All Sagittarius Predictions.

Love Horoscope for Single Women

So, to prepare us for these astrological changes, the Argentine astrologer Gabriela Paulucci astrologiavincular presents us with everything we need to know about the Scorpio season, from how long it lasts to the characteristics of this sign. In the Sagittarius season it begins on November 21 at night and ends on the morning of December 21. The time has come to open our arms to confidently receive everything that life wants to give us.

Mars, masculine and intrepid, gives us the ability to act in a strategic and empowered way, to achieve what we want. We can use this aspect to strengthen projects shared as a couple. We will feel like traveling, partying or having fun adventures. Taking into account that it is the season of evolutionary changes, we could perceive good profits from investments or work projects that support those movements that we are longing to make in our lives.

After a year and a half of strong changes in the Gemini and Sagittarius zones of our Natal Chart, we have to prepare ourselves to close the cycle and start again. If these events came to contribute to our lives, it is greater clarity about who we are and what ideological, vocational and life paths we should travel at this time.

As we have seen every time we talk about eclipses, in these energy portals something is veiled from our consciousness, and for this reason, it is not so convenient to make lists of intentions, but to let fate surprise us. Find out what’s in store for you in Scorpio season. Sagittarius proceeds to Scorpio, a water sign that, as we saw in his season, is dedicated to exploring the depths of his being and the great mysteries of life.

Sagittarius sign brings with it the awareness that life is complex, but it longs to transcend the drama and for this it ventures to explore paths in which to reaffirm that joy is worth being alive. It is a sign of faith and trusts fully in justice, but not in that of humans, but in the divine, and to it he hands over his problems while continuing to fully enjoy life.

Governed by the gifts granted by his regent, he knows how to generate resources to enjoy the lifestyle he likes to have. This sign loves big feasts with plenty of food, drinks and guaranteed fun with those they love. One of his greatest gifts is his ability to transmit knowledge and inspire confidence in those who listen to him, which is why he is good at professions associated with teaching, languages, international relations, tourism and hospitality.

Sagittarius freely shows his emotions, laughs out loud and expresses himself with gestures and expansive movements. Idealistic like few others, he often lets himself be carried to the extreme by beliefs or supposed truths in which he places his trust, and this can lead him to experience strong disappointments in the face of deception and lies by people or causes in which he trusted.

However, he does not need to take revenge, since he is aware that there is a law of cause and effect that prevails over everything that man wishes to control and dominate. For Sagittarius, mutual trust is very important, since it gives meaning and expansion to relationships, as well as respect for personal freedoms.

Despite his constant longing for freedom and adventure, he is respectful when he loves another person, as he has a very high sense of morality and trusts in divine justice that dominates laws of cause and effect. Therefore, before betraying or hurting another person, he prefers to find a friendly way to finish for good. This fire sign is compatible with Aries and Leo, signs with which it shares the same element and a similar vision of life.

Aries, eager and intrepid, launches into an adventure when Sagittarius proposes it and the chemistry between them is very high. Taurus shares with Sagittarius a taste for the great pleasures of life, but at the same time, as a fixed sign, it values ​​stability too much to adapt to the constant movement of Sagittarius. This relationship can be challenging, but at the same time exhilarating and fun.