Samadhi Jenni Rivera

Samadhi Zendejas As Jenni Rivera

Samadhi Zendejas, is a Mexican television actress. She became known internationally by playing Jenni Rivera in her teenage years in the Telemundo telenovela, Mariposa de barrio.​​​.

Years later, we could see Samadhi in one of the most successful series, "neighborhood butterfly", which portrayed the life of Jenni Rivera, where.

Who is Samadhi Zendejas: the actress who gained 30 kilos to play Jenni Rivera. He recently reported sexual harassment by.

Samadhi Zendejas is the biopic about Jenni Rivera, Mariposa de Barrio, a story that tells the life of the singer from.

The radical change of Samadhi to play Jenni Rivera – Exa FM

Mexican actress Samadhi Zendejas spoke about the transformation her body underwent to be able to play Jenni Rivera in the series.

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Performance of Samadhi Zendejas as Jenni Rivera