Sarah Joe Chamoun

The photos of Mia Khalifa in which she is "very affectionate" with her partner Jhay Cortez

The former adult entertainment actress Sarah Joe Chamoun, better known as Mia Khalifa, surprised her followers with the publication.

Sarah Joe Chamoun (Beirut, February 10, ), known professionally as Mia Khalifa, is a former pornographic actress, model and internet celebrity.

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Sarah Joe Chamoun served in adult film between and , became the number one star on Pornhub.

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Sarah Joe Chamoun. On the cover · They compare the presenter Alejandra Rubio with Mia Khalifa · Jimi Barahona – December 6, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The t-shirt opens !, Mia Khalifa shares what lies below

Sarah Joe Chamoun, better known as Mia Khalifa, uploaded a video to her social network in which she can be seen crying after learning that a.

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In one of her hands we see that Mia Khalifa had a cup of coffee and completed the image with her beautiful loose hair. To blow out her candles, the actress was surrounded by her family and a very special friend: Angelina Jolie. The Mexican actress then gives the signal to her friend, who leans over her head to dip her face in the dessert.

Immediately done, Brad Pitt’s ex hides his face while laughing, while the general assembly laughs. The Guerlain muse appears transformed, with a white dress, platinum blonde hair and a golden scepter as a weapon. Joining them is a whole panel of celebrities, including Gemma Chan, who plays Sersi, the eternal friend of humans, and Kit Harrington, back on screen as Dan Whitman, aka The Dark Knight.

This time no cake but lots of popcorn. The American socialite decided to capture her beauty herself with a selfie in which she let the world see the beauty of Kim Kardashian West in lace and in front of the mirror. Kim Kardashian posed for her own cell phone in a cute two-piece red lace lingerie set that has surely entered the minds of her followers with her oversized curves.

However, it is no secret to anyone that this beautiful woman is very disciplined in her diet, exercises and has been a magnificent dancer for many years, conditions that favor her spectacular appearance. Related Posts:.

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