Scorpio Days

Scorpio 2022: These Are Your Astrological Predictions

October 23 to November 21.

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Scorpio (astrology) ; Symbol, Scorpion ; Duration (tropical), October 24 – November 22; Duration (sidereal), November 16 – December 15.

Scorpio: Astrological Predictions | Glamor

Scorpios are people born between October 23 and November 22. If you are born before that date you will be Virgo and if, on the contrary.

What are the characteristics of this season?

So, to prepare us for these astrological changes, the Argentine astrologer Gabriela Paulucci astrologiavincular presents us with everything we need to know about the Scorpio season, from how long it lasts to the characteristics of this sign. In the Scorpio season, it begins on October 23 at dawn and ends on November 21 at night. The Sun radiates its light on the Scorpio area of ​​the zodiacal wheel, indicating that the time has come to attend to the qualities that this water sign proposes.

Mental acuity and curiosity for hidden information are the qualities from which this energy is expressed. Let’s take advantage of this energy to speak clearly and set healthy limits through words, instead of falling into paranoid behaviors or destructive reactions. Our time is worth gold and we will not be willing to waste it.

This tension indicates the possibility of going through complexities that test our self-confidence. Let us remember that it is time to discover the value of our hidden resources and use them to expand our consciousness and go through this period in a resilient way. We are heading towards the end of the season and this fluid aspect indicates that, if we knew how to take advantage of it, we will have consciously resignified our personal power.

The planet of universal love brings us at the end of the road a touch of healing mysticism. From this day we go through a propitious period to drain energies, meditate and rest. Find out what’s in store for you in Scorpio season.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiacal wheel, it belongs to the water element and to the fixed modality. Scorpio generally does not fear dangers or crises, in fact they see in them an opportunity to discover hidden resources or treasures and be able to transform, something with which we could feel identified during this cycle.

He has the gift of investigation, which allows him to become deeply involved in everything he is passionate about and leads him to also investigate the world of emotions and the psyche. He loves discovering secrets and unraveling mysteries, he is the alchemist of the zodiac. For modern Astrology, its ruler or dominant planet is Pluto, the God of the underworld, which gives this sign the domain of the precious treasures that lie under the surface. Scorpio proceeds to Libra, an air sign that, as we saw in its season, longs to complement in bonds to elevate its intellect and enjoy life.

Scorpio brings with it the same intelligent and bonding awareness, but wants to complicate it emotionally. It is a sign that is not satisfied with superficial expressions, nor does it try to maintain good manners when it comes to confronting or bringing to light uncomfortable information. Governed by the powerful instincts that his ruler gives him, he spends his life trying to discover valuable secrets, of himself and of life in general, and it is in this way that he empowers himself and transforms himself.

You are positively stimulated by symbolic languages ​​such as Astrology and Tarot, and may be drawn to therapeutic disciplines and professions associated with dealing with grief and death, such as medicine or psychology. Usually also has a talent for managing financial resources.

This sign does not like to feel vulnerable and that is why they take time to investigate in detail who they like, trying to discover all their facets and be sure that they can fully trust that person. Once you trust someone, you commit and give that person all of yourself, longing to take the relationship to levels of fusion and physical, sexual and emotional alchemy. Intuitive like few others, he knows how to detect lies and deceit, and usually always has a trick up his sleeve to take revenge on those who hurt him.

Therefore, Scorpio has to learn to communicate their emotions and set clear limits in time. Pisces guides you towards the discovery of universal love and empathy, and accompanies you on healing paths that purify your Spirit.

As for the Fire signs, they could be a challenge for the emotional Scorpio. On the other hand, the earth signs, Taurus, its complementary opposite, can provide Scorpio with super-pleasant moments of calm and romance, but it can also be simplistic for this sign that loves complexity. As for Capricorn, it gives Scorpio the touch of maturity and austerity necessary to know how to limit obsessive conflicts and emotional overflow. Finally, those of Air, Geminis can generate distrust in Scorpio by giving them the impression of being too innocent and superficial.

Libra is often liked by Scorpio for its beauty and intellect, although it can also be perceived by this sign as excessively complacent and indecisive.