Scorpio Personality

7 Scorpio Horoscope Personality Traits

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Scorpios can be extremely passionate and will also be quite assertive. These are people who are always going to be very determined.

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Scorpios have good memories and can be very vindictive at times; they are able to wait years to get their revenge. However, as friends, we do not.

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Water is the element of Scorpio and this makes them be in with the feelings. The signs that have the influence of this element are.

Scorpio Personality

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very good sense of humor. They always get what they want. to walk calmly. They love long relationships. They do not know how to bite their tongues and can be very critical. If a Scorpio manages to use his enormous energy constructively, he is a great asset to society and can become a great leader. They are excellent friends of those who they consider deserve their respect.

The Scorpio is the symbol of sex, and Scorpios are very passionate and sensual people. For Scorpios, the act of love is a spiritual act and they are able to feel things that other signs never can. They should try to avoid feelings like arrogance, aggression, and jealousy, because they give in to such negative feelings, such is their strength to feel intensely that they can lose control. Scorpios are very imaginative and intuitive and have a great ability to analyze situations and people.

They take great care of their friends, although if someone betrays them it is difficult to recover their friendship and trust. In fact, they can totally lose their temper by perceiving, even wrongly, that someone has insulted them.