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8 Comics You Have To Read Before Watching WandaVision

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Next week it premieres on Disney+ Wandavision (Scarlet Witch and Vision), so you may need to read these comics to get on.

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But their wedded bliss is interrupted by forces that send them traversing decades amid television tropes. While WandaVision is not a direct adaptation of any specific Marvel Comics story, the various trailers that have been revealed for the series have referenced various plot points familiar to comic book fans. This pregnancy is revealed to the Scarlet Witch by none other than Doctor Strange, establishing a connection between the two characters.

While the series is fairly traditional in terms of superhero vs. supervillain plotlines, there is an element of comedy to the series as Wanda and Vision deal with normal couples concerns such as bills, family planning, and the day. Thanksgiving, something that we will see in Wandavision. The arc sees Vision being kidnapped and disarmed by a global espionage agency in hopes of gaining international secrets. When Vision is rebuilt, his humanity disappears, resulting in a chalk-white appearance and the annulment of his marriage to Wanda.

To make matters worse, it is revealed that Wanda and Vision’s children, Tommy and Billy, are actually just energy shards created by Mephisto, the Marvel Universe’s version of the devil. These events sent Wanda into a spiral, and they might have ruined the Avengers sooner if it wasn’t for Agatha Harkness, erasing her children from Wanda’s memory. Avengers Disassembled broke the rules and set the stage for a Marvel Universe that still grapples with its offshoots to this day.

To begin his long tenure with The Avengers, relaunched as the New Avengers, Michael Bendis made the controversial decision to have Wanda destroy the Avengers. The result saw Vision being used as a weapon against his teammates and killed by an enraged She-Hulk. While Strange ultimately puts Wanda in a coma rather than kill her and places her in the care of Professor X and her father Magneto, the story cemented the notion of Wanda’s mental instability, caused by the "death" of her supposed children.

that’s how it ended. But it started with Professor X admitting that his telepathy could no longer keep Wanda’s reality warping abilities in check. The Avengers and the X-Men are forced to decide what should be done with Wanda. But before they can do anything, the Scarlet Witch, following the advice of her brother Quicksilver, rewrites reality so that each hero gets their wish and lives in the world of their dreams, a world ruled by their father and brothers under House by magnus.

After defeating Doom and regaining her powers, Wanda leaves to define herself as someone independent of Magneto, Quicksilver, and Vision, ultimately leading her to join the Uncanny Avengers and sets the stage for her to regain full control of her powers in the James Robinson series. Just when it looks like Vision may finally achieve what he’s always dreamed of, until the murders start to happen.

This starts Vision on a path that could see him destroy the entire world. The series explores Vision’s struggle for normalcy and family, recounting the many attempts throughout his life, including his failed marriage to Wanda. Scarlet Witch plays a major role alongside her mentor, Agatha Harkness. It’s everything a comic should be.

The series teamed Wanda with the ghost of her witch mentor, Agatha Harkness, to explore the disturbances in the world of magic and the mysteries of its origin. The series sees Wanda reunite with her mother, who is revealed to have held the Scarlet Witch title before her, and reconciles with her brother Pietro, aka Quicksilver.

Not only is this series a refreshing departure from traditional superhero storytelling, it also provides an intimate look at Wanda as she comes to terms with her powers and what it means to be a witch in an Avengers world.

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