Selena Gomez Before And After

Selena Gomez Has Had Surgery! The Before And After Of The Plastic Surgeon

From Disney to Hollywood: This has been the before and after of Selena Gomez. Characters. The singer has been a model, actress and singer, and now.

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Selena Gómez American actress and singer –Be yourself, there is no one better– One of the One year later she participated in three chapters of Hannah Montana.

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Comments about his physical change began much earlier, when his body changed drastically after he was diagnosed with lupus.

Selena Gomez unrecognizable! Has Justin Bieber Seen This?? (photo bomb). published. 2 years ago. the. 22 february

Selena Gomez has had surgery! The before and after of the plastic surgeon

In addition to being a singer and actress, she is a television producer, songwriter, philanthropist and now a fashion designer for Coach, not to mention that she is the person.

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Now, the actress boasted a scar, the result of an emergency operation, with pride. On Thursday, the singer posted an image of herself in an A-line swimsuit designed by one of her best friends, Theresa Marie Mingus. In it, Gomez revealed, on her own terms, the scar she’s had for three years.

In the description of the image, Gomez revealed that after a long time, she is finally proud of her life story, and what the wound that remained represents. I didn’t want it to appear in photos so I used things that would cover it up. The scar was first photographed by paparazzi who caught her vacationing in Australia. The singer was on a yacht and was wearing a two-piece swimsuit in which the scar could be seen. There both she and Francia Raisa, who donated this organ to her, spoke about the operations to which each one was subjected.

After this, Gomez went into her own surgery where her kidney was transplanted and although everything seemed fine, things got difficult in a matter of hours. I saw you [in France] and I told you that I loved you and then I went to my room. And I started trying to fall asleep. The pain, as Guthrie explained, was due to Gomez’s new kidney turning inside his body and doctors told him he would have to go back on the operating table.

I was going crazy. It was a six hour surgery that they had to do to me [ At the moment Gomez is enjoying her acceptance of herself, as well as her success thanks to her new show and her makeup line.