Selena Gomez Blonde

Although if what you want this season is to go blonde you are in luck, because Selena Gomez has just revealed on her networks what the.

The artist has transformed her dark hair by opting for a completely opposite tone, a monochromatic yellow blonde that is not exactly.

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As a novelty with respect to the other times that he has gone blonde, this time he chooses warmer nuances that provide.

Selena Gomez’s New Blonde Mane Took Eight Hours To Achieve!! Selena Gomez has radically changed her look., with a pale blonde shade that suits her.

Selena Gomez’s New Blonde Mane Took Eight Hours To Achieve!! | Grazia Mexico and Latin America

The actress left her roots to her natural color but the rest of her hair is now platinum blonde, Lady Gaga-esque. About the photo caption.

Nobody said it was easy.

Currently, her professional and physical growth has been noticed and she has given us a blonde version of her that we had not seen for many years, so we decided to share with you some of the hair trends that Selena Gomez imposed over the years. Also read: We tell you how to use glitter and not die trying this summer Although most of the time remembering Selena Gomez is thinking of her black and mega-long hair like Rapunzel in which she has been the image of many care brands for The hair.

Although she does not bet on fantasy colors such as pastel tones that were in fashion all year long, she has opted for giving us a radical change after finishing with the promotion of her album "Revelation" in which we heard her sing in Spanish in all his songs as a tribute to his Latin roots.

For this reason, it has been decided to define it free with the roots of the person’s natural color. This favors that the hair does not fall out and can be maintained better, not everyone likes this trend very much but Selena has known how to take advantage of it and make everyone want to try it for this summer if what they are looking for is an extreme change.

It is especially favorable for people with dark hair like Selena because it helps to give a lot of light to the face and look different without damaging your hair too much. It is an option that looks enviable against the sun’s rays due to the small sparkles it gives.

Long Bob It is well known that Selena was one of the first to use this trend when it was just beginning, either in its short version to the chin or the long version that also revealed a very interesting look. Unlike the Hazelnut that only seeks to clarify a little, in this one you can choose to do that sweep with blondes or any color so that the difference is not seen but very blurred and aesthetic.

Thursday, January 13

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