Selena Gomez Boyfriend

Selena Gomez And All The Boyfriends She’s Had

Who is Jimmy Butler, Selena Gomez’s boyfriend? We discover what the singer’s partner does and review her love history.

Jimmy Butler, player of the Miami Heat team, is the alleged new boyfriend of Selena Gomez.

They are dating? They capture Selena G√≥mez and Chris Evans together; networks react with memes for the ‘romance’ Supposed images were leaked where.

The couple that has marked him the most has been Justin Bieber, with whom he came and went several times until they definitively settled their relationship.

Selena Gomez and all the boyfriends she has had – Ciudad Trendy

Jimmy Butler, player of the Miami Heat team, is the alleged new boyfriend of Selena Gomez.

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Currently, Sel has dedicated herself fully to her work and her line of Rare Beauty cosmetics, a brand that already has four launches on the market and has achieved great success. But while she rebuilds and loves herself here in Ciudad Trendy we wanted to make a list of all the boyfriends that Selena Gomez has had.

So take a look and tell us if you remember any of his exes. Both ended their relationship, but they returned in , but apparently that relationship was destined to fail because it was at that time that she began to get along with the one who would be her next boyfriend. Both began to go out as friends in , but it was the daily coexistence that made love arise and thus they began a love relationship. It was not until they officially announced their return as a couple, but they had problems again and the relationship ended.

And again in , for the third time, they officially returned and both were seen to be very happy eating together, riding bikes and talking and attending a Christian church called Hillsong. Both seemed so stable that many fans thought they would be together, but like the previous times, that relationship did not last. Orlando Bloom Although it was never known if they had an affair, they were seen very close together in Las Vegas.

It is said that the two just hung out together without anything serious in between. And well you know what they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The Weeknd Already it seemed that the waters had calmed down and Selena Gomez was seen very happy with The Weeknd, one of the great artists of the moment.

They both attended the MET Gala and gave us this famous image, both went very well, but well, they both ended their relationship. This was the list of Selena Gomez and all the boyfriends she has had over time, did you remember any of them.

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