Selena Gomez Fat

They call Selena Gómez "fat" because of these photos

Because of these images, which appeared in various media around the world, many began to insult her and call her fat. Verified. M.

Selena Gomez can’t seem to put her past with the Bieber family behind her. In addition to all the romantic drama with Justin, another member of that.

Marjorie De Sousa Hot

This past weekend Selena Gomez attended the wedding of her cousin Priscilla De Leon and Jay Cosme, which was held in Texas.

Once again, Selena Gomez is in the eye of the hurricane. This time the singer has been harshly criticized on social networks after.

Selena Gomez Confesses How It Affected Her Being Called ‘Fat’ On Social Media – C9N

After some photos were released where Selena Gomez appears in a bikini, many criticized her and called her "fat woman".

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