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The Best Photos Of Selena Gomez 2022

Selena Gomez and the ‘top model’ Gigi Hadid all they love. this time on the beach. The photo is from Selena.

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This Saturday the American singer, Selena Gomez, became a trend on social networks for some photographs that reveal her new look.

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This Saturday the American singer, Selena Gomez, became a trend on social networks for some photographs that reveal her new look.

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The best photos of Selena Gomez –

Selena Quintanilla Perez is one of those emblematic figures that remains in this time because some images of the singer have come to light.

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From having her own group The Scene to being a soloist in just four years and her relationship with Bieber, although as I say she still occupies many headlines, the truth is that it seems that she is part of the past and now she is a woman who is looking for her own path as an independent star. We have seen her pose with other celebrities for solidarity aid, in collaboration with Unicef.

Especially if you combine it with the skin, a skin that is like a second, because it allows the charms of the actress and singer Selena Gomez to be shown unashamedly. The neckline, right at the southern end ideal for it to remain impressive and aesthetic, in that form of simulated corset and with a lapped and carefree neck, allow the singer to wear what she has to wear and look as fabulous as she does.

As we can see, the part of the body is not even a top or a blouse, but a superimposition of fabric strips on the singer’s attributes. If we had to define the style of her dress in a keyword, it would be asymmetry. She has become a mass idol in which all adolescent girls admire and notice her, she grows older, just as and at the same speed that her fame grows.

Nothing remains of being a Disney girl. Or in advertising campaigns, captures of its beauty as natural as the one you are going to see below. Although those of us who have followed her career still seem like a girl to us, it seems that Selena Gómez has stopped being a girl to become a woman.

In this photo, we are shown a natural Selena again, with certain melancholic airs, but incredibly beautiful, as always. Accompanied by a simple makeup, we witness that thoughtful look that moves us. Any shot of Selena Gomez is, without a doubt, very artistic, and her profile would not be less, captured with taste and naturalness.

We leave you below with the official video clip of one of her songs: Me and my girls, where we are shown a fun and partying Selena, surrounded by “her girls”. So far, only the dates referring to North America have been confirmed, but this does not mean that visits to the rest of the countries are ruled out. At almost 23 years old, Selena is a young woman with an extraordinary body, but she no longer looks as extremely thin as she did a few years ago, so the "haters" do not stop calling her "fat" on social networks, although she does not see it in the same way. way and best of all is that it seems that he takes it with philosophy.

Selena Gomez joined the wave of greetings that invades Twitter for the New Year to express her best wishes to her followers through the social network. I hope a happy, healthy and successful for all.