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Are Selena’s Parents Still Married??

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer and songwriter. His musical genres included Tex-Mex, Ranchera, Ballad, Mariachi, Latin Pop, and Mexican Cumbia. In addition to her main career as a singer, she was also a businesswoman.

Selena Quintanilla is remembered as "The queen of Tex-Mex", a title that he earned hard from an early age, when his parents promoted.

Don Abraham Quintanilla and Mrs. Marcella Samora are the parents of the missing singer and those who never hesitated to support their daughter.

After the departure of songs like ‘La carcacha’, Selena’s parents moved away from music a bit, although Abraham.

Dads Selena Quintanilla photo look younger than ever

Abraham Quintanilla and Marcella Samora are the parents of Selena Quintanilla, who more than 20 years later still mourn their daughter.

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Here we tell you why. Over the weekend, many celebrities remembered and congratulated their parents for being Father’s Day. He also did not hint that he misses him or wants to see him and be with him. It is a collage with old photos. We love you". In the following lines we will tell you about the relationship that Selena Gomez maintains with her father.

He is of Mexican origin, since he was born in the city of Guadalajara, in Jalisco. Rick separated from his daughter when she was just 5 years old. At the same time, he divorced his then-wife, Mandy Teefy. It is known that the producer of 13 Reasons Why has traveled to Mexico on several occasions to visit her paternal family. That is, the little boys are half-siblings of Selena Gomez. Mandy Teefy and Ricardo Gomez, Selena’s parents, met when they were both teenagers.

As we mentioned before, when Selena was 5 years old, her parents decided to separate and both rebuilt their lives. Meanwhile, Ricardo Gomez married Sara. In fact, many began to rumor that they were estranged.

So far, the singer has not given any statement about her relationship with her father. Selena Gomez has spoken on many occasions about her Mexican origins. In a video for the organization Define American, a non-profit group that is responsible for making the issue of immigrants in the United States visible, Selena Gomez sent a message to Mexicans.

Later, he told part of the experience of his immigrant family and his Mexican roots. Finally, Selena Gomez ended her brief speech with some inspiring words. Each and every one of you has a similar story about how you became an American. So no matter where their family is from, no matter their immigration status, they’ve taken action to get an education, to make their families proud, and to expand their worlds.

25 years later :\