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A market that today cannot imagine its smartphone without a video game available. Lara Croft was not a young woman with powers, an alien or who had to use a special weapon to reach the end of the story. And that was only what our PlayStation could take off. A new video game icon was preparing to face his cruel reality: his video games were not so good. The industry continued to grow and although Eidos tried to keep Lara Croft current outside of consoles, once you got to a new video game you were very far from finding the experience of a Prince of Persia.

Some time later Lara had lost her place to the bragging of Nathan Drake and the incredible work of Naughty Dog. Lara Croft changed but she was just as smart, curious and risky, she had only left her sexy shorts in the closet to explore the world with the right pants and tools. A couple of years later Lara Croft returned in an unconventional way. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light became an unprecedented success for a series that went on to be reduced to a downloadable game.

Here the figure of Lara Croft did return… but not with the impossible curves with which we grew up, but with a normal body for a healthy archaeologist. Lara was just as smart, curious and risky, but she had left her sexy shorts in the closet to explore the world with the right pants and tools. Lara was a real person and she had to suffer like any other person.

A refreshing adventure that took the industry by storm in March Croft, Lara Croft One Year Later Rise of the Tomb Raider appeared at the Xbox conference during E3 as part of the upcoming games that Xbox One would have available in the following months. Unfortunately, not everything went well for the developers, and although the sequel is not bad, it was less surprising than the reboot. However, the change was already on the table. Lara shone for everything that her sensual polygons had overshadowed a few years ago.

And that’s where Warner Bros came in. The new one chosen to play Lara was the Oscar winner: Alicia Vikander, who from the first preview let us see that Croft’s new mission is very similar to his adventure through Japan, with all the lethal risks and a lot of damage to the extremities.

Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara Croft as she was known in Mexico was the perfect opportunity for the entire world to reconnect with the Tomb Raider series. Shadows A few days after the closing of the Tomb Raider trilogy, Lara Croft could once again take the reins of the adventure genre in an industry full of sandbox and battle royale games. However, we hope that the adventurer can recompose the course for her next adventures.

The video game industry – like many others – looks to women for a figure that can adapt to the times we live in, but Lara was ready for this challenge for many years. Wasting the potential of Lara Croft in a trilogy that only consists of a good first installment would be inexcusable.

From the outset, the departure of Crystal Dynamics from Shadow of the Tomb Raider makes us think of the worst… but we definitely trust that the project supervised by Square Enix can surprise us in the coming days.

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