Shadow Effect Eyebrows

Microblading Powder Effect For Perfect Eyebrows

Micropigmentation of eyebrows shading or powder effect in Bogotá. eyebrows are less marked with a light shadow effect without sharp edges.

Sophia DiMartino

It is a technique with a hair-by-hair effect, with ultra-fine delicate strokes that If you like to fill in your eyebrows with shadow, this technique will offer you that.

Known throughout the industry by many names, such as shadow effect or ombré brows, brow shading uses the application of.

In this way, you will be able to create a very natural bushy eyebrow effect, since the pencil helps us to recreate little hairs and the applicator in shadows.

First it was microblanding and now a new technique has arrived: "microshading"

It is a technique that looks like daily makeup done with the eyebrow pencil or with the shadows. The final part (the tail) of the eyebrow is darker and.

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