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How To Make Up Hooded Eyes To Hide Droopy Eyelids

Choose colors wisely: With droopy eyelids, we have to take special care in selecting the right colors for eye shadows.

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Apply concealer, primer or a nude shadow all over the eyelid. This is to give it depth and unify the tone.

What is really down is the eyelid and not the eyes. And it is so. Most of the time The shadows to make up droopy eyes.

Step 3: Apply your dark eye shadow to lift the eyelid like this: Guapamaniaca, this step is key to making up well for droopy eyes!!

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Apply concealer, primer or a nude shadow all over the eyelid. This is to give it depth and unify the tone.

Some of us have almond-shaped, round, prominent, deep-set eyes, etc. There are different makeup techniques and not all of them are appropriate for the shape of your eyes. In this article today we are going to try to explain how to make up hooded eyes.

Stop hating the shape of your eyes by following our makeup tips for hooded eyes. Drooping eyes are known for their lack of space between the lid and the brow bone. Grab a mirror and examine your eye shape to see if you have droopy eyelids or not.

If you do not notice a crease and the skin slopes from the brow bone to where the crease should be, these are two signs that you could have hooded eyes. Characterized by the lack of the crease, hooded eyes require the use of a few key makeup techniques to beautify the eye. Do makeup like a pro. To help prevent this, use an eye makeup primer first, as this can prevent makeup from transferring to the lids.

You can use a base coat or concealer instead of primer in a pinch. Opt for makeup with a matte finish. You can mix and match brown shadows in different shades for an all-over matte look or add a touch to the center of your eyelid.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmery shadow or liquid highlighter. How to do eye makeup with matte shadows Another tip on how to do hooded eye makeup is to apply the makeup with your eyes wide open. How to make up eyes with black eyeliner Use waterproof eye makeup formulas.

If you plan to create a wing with the eyeliner you have to make a very fine line. Eyes with droopy lids can sometimes appear a bit closed. Keep your eyeliner thin. For most people, bright shadows can age the face. But on hooded eyes, it has the opposite effect. Bright eye makeup awakens the shape of this eye by creating the illusion of light where there is usually darkness.

For best results, don’t be afraid to play with vibrant colors like blue, burgundy, pink and violet. The shadows that go all over the eye when you close it make you think that a smoky makeup is just a dream for you. If this has happened to you, switch things up and create an upside down smokey eye. Forget the traditional smokey eye and focus your efforts under your eye instead of above it. Line the lower lash line with a black or dark brown eyeliner.

Starting in the center of the lower lash line, we thicken the line and extend it up and out in the shape of a wing. Unfortunately, the eye makeup tutorials we see on YouTube and other outlets are mostly for people with typical almond-shaped eyes, but you already know how to do hooded eye makeup.

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