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7 Reasons You’ll Love The Eyeshadow Palette: La Palette

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Strong colors can be used in the makeup you do, but it is easier to start with the classics so as not to make a mistake.

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Natural Long Lashes

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What shades of shadow favor each eye color? – South Boulevard

Are you one of those who prefer neutral tones in your makeup or one of those who like to highlight your look with vibrant colors?? whatever your choice.

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Shadows for blue / gray eyes

Beauty 6 years, 6 months ago Brown eyes don’t like the same shades as blue ones. I’m sure it’s ever happened to you. Hypnotized by the beautiful eye look you’ve seen in an ad, you go to the store determined to buy that neon eyeshadow that suited the model so well.

The disappointment comes when you apply it at home, trying to imitate the look that has inspired such compulsive buying and in front of the dresser you realize that you look like Sara Montiel in her bad years cosmetically speaking. Indeed, the key to the error may be in any of these reasons or even in a combination of all of them. Because yes, dear friend. As with clothing colors, not all shades of eyeshadow are flattering. For a natural, elegant and flattering makeup, choose shades close to yours, both in the same color, and in those that appear right next to you.

They also look good on her: browns and, for contrast, pastel yellows, oranges and reds. They do not favor him: the greens. Shadows for green eyes The ones that suit you best: the range of greens and browns, especially if the green of the iris is dark. They also look good on her: pinks and lilacs, to contrast, reddish oranges and purples.

Also the golden tones. They do not favor him: the blues. Shadows for brown eyes Best for you: browns, taupes, purples Also look good on you: In general, almost any color will work with brown eyes, but we’ll highlight purples, pinks, and golds.

They do not favor you: green or light blue. pastel tones in general. Shadows for honey eyes The ones that suit you best: brown, green-brown and gold tones. They also look good on you: purples, pinks, soft oranges They don’t suit you: greens or light blues Shadows for black eyes The ones that suit you best: browns, grays and smoky blacks.

They also look good on him: golds, purples and pinks and in general almost any touch of color on the banana. They do not favor you: intense greens or blues. Like brown, purple, silver, gold or pink for example.